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Evie's Magic Bracelet: The Unicorn's Foal: Book 4: A bumper Christmas special!

Evie's Magic Bracelet: The Unicorn's Foal: Book 4: A bumper Christmas special!

Jessica Ennis-Hill
Hodder Children's Books
ISBN: 9781444934427

Evie loves receiving magical parcels from her grandma; each one has a bracelet in with a riddle about the kind of magic it brings with it. Before long, Evie works out that the bracelet gives her powers to become invisible. The first mission she tries to complete with it is to sneak into her parent's wardrobe and take a sneak peek at her Christmas presents! Instead of finding them, she finds out some terrible news - how will she every enjoy Christmas? Evie begins to learn how her magic bracelet might help to enjoy Christmas after all.

This is an interesting story with many magical adventures to enjoy! It's quite a thick book with lots of characters to meet and different scenes to explore. I would recommend this story to confident readers in KS1, as well as children in lower KS2.

This is a lovely book to indulge children in their excitement of Christmas. It has a range of activities at the back to complete, as well as the beginning of the next story with some of Evie's other adventures.

127 pages / Ages 6 + / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher


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