Sneak preview from the last Dragons book
Just a reminder that the final How to Train Your Dragon book is published on 8th September - and...

Sneak preview from the last Dragons book
The Big Readcycle This summer you can donate books you have already read and enjoyed to WHSmith...

The monsters are coming to Darkmouth!
We've been speaking to Shane Hegarty, author of the Darkmouth books that are... More

Claire Barker

Look out for friendly ghosts, not-so-friendly ghost hunters and bags of adventure in KNITBONE PEPPER: GHOST DOG by CLAIRE BARKER, as the family dog Knitbone Pepper sets out to save his family's home - and being a ghost isn't...



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Fuzzy Mud

Fuzzy Mud
Louis Sachar

If you go down to the woods today ... Well, every child knows NOT to, don't they? Tamaya is on a scholarship to the prestigious Woodridge Academy and every day she and... More

Darkmouth: Worlds Explode

Darkmouth: Worlds Explode
Shane Hegarty

The second book in the monstrously funny and action-packed new series: Darkmouth. It's going to be legendary. The adventures of the most unfortunate Legend Hunter ever to don... More

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