The Guardian highlights ReadingZone winner
We are thrilled that the Guardian Children's Books site is highlighting the Overall Winner of the...

The Guardian highlights ReadingZone winner
ReadingZone Picture Book Competition Results! Thousands of children around the country were involved in making picture books...

We were delighted with the range and quality of picture book entries from all... More

Barry Hutchison

BEAKY MALONE: WORLD'S GREATEST LIAR excels at telling lies until the day he gets into a 'truth-telling machine' and his lies end. But can telling the truth cause even more chaos than his lies? Hear more from author Barry...



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The Adventures of Alfie Onion

The Adventures of Alfie Onion
Vivian French

A stand-alone comic adventure for younger readers by sublime storyteller Vivian French, with pictures by a talented new illustrator and animator, Marta Kissi. Alfie Onion has... More

The Secret Cat

The Secret Cat
Sarah Lean

Meet animal lover, Tiger Days! A brand-new young fiction series about animals, friendship and adventure by bestselling author Sarah Lean. Beautiful black-and-white illustrations... More

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