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Learning to love reading

Learning to read needs to be done at home as well as at school, says reading expert Alison Kelly. Here, she shares some advice and tips to help your child become a 'reader'.

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Reading tips

Usborne Very First Reading

Helping your child to learn to read can be an exciting and frustrating experience, especially during the first two years when your child is getting to grips with the basic principles of letters and sounds. A newly-launched series, Usborne Very First Reading, aims to help parents to support their child through the thrills and frustrations of learning to read.

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Sharing books with Early Readers

As children develop their confidence as independent readers, it is important to keep reading with them. Here, six-year-old Nicole practices her reading at home with the Usborne Reading Programme - and a little help from mum.

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The Wizards of Once

Cressida Cowell

The Wizards of Once

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Meet the Author

Clara Vulliamy, daughter of 'Dogger' creator Shirley Hughes, tells us more about her DOTTY DETECTIVE books in which friends work together to solve mysteries at home and at school.

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