Poppy and the Blooms

Poppy and the Blooms

Poppy and the Blooms
Fiona Woodcock

Simon & Schuster Childrens Books

ISBN 9781471147777

When a group of zesty wildflower characters discover that the last green space in the city is about to be paved over, they decide they have to act! A positive, uplifting story about how the actions of even the smallest can have a big impact.

Librarian's Book choice

This is a beautiful book! A fantastic little story about how a group of wildflowers take it upon themselves to brighten up the city as the last park is about to be closed. It's a simple story to follow but opens up lots of conversations, especially with older children, about the environment and built up areas. Each page is bursting with wonderful illustrations that you can spend forever looking at. The images are all black and white, with the flower characters being the only colours on the page - until the end when the pages are rich with the colours of the flowers they've planted.

This is a lovely picture book to use in conversations about the environment and conservation. Older children could perhaps write an extended version of the text, looking at the personification of the flowers and their feelings. The personification of the flowers is a good way of introducing this subject to younger children too - and getting them to think about how flowers make us feel and the importance of nature. This would also be a great story to look at in art and to look at the use of colour.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Lizi Coombs, teacher.