IBBY shortlist announced

Three books from the UK are on the IBBY Honour List 2016 (International Board on Books for Young People). They include author SF Said for his book, Phoenix, as well as an illustrator and translator.

11/02/2016IBBY shortlist announced

World Book Day 1 books

Roald Dahl, Mick Inkpen and Jame Dawson are among the authors of the 1 World Book Day books that children will be able to choose with their vouchers early next month as World Book Day gets underway.


Shortlist for the funniest children's books

David Baddiel, Jonny Duddle and Sue Hendra are among the authors shortlisted for the inaugural 'Lollies' award (Laugh Out Loud Book Awards), which replaced the Roald Dahl Funny Prize after it closed last year.

08/02/2016Shortlist for the funniest children's books

Frances Hardinge wins children's Costa

Frances Hardinge's Victorian melodrama about the nature of lies has won Costa's Book of the Year Award. You can read an interview with Frances Hardinge via the link, below.

27/01/2016Frances Hardinge wins children's Costa

A 'Sneak Peak' of Macmillan's top titles!

Publisher Macmillan is sharing some of its top young adult titles coming in 2016 - and we have exclusive extracts from those books which you can download here! Plus we have five sets (five proofs in each set) to give away!

25/01/2016A 'Sneak Peak' of Macmillan's top titles!

Clare Furniss book group set to give away!

We have a set of ten copies of Clare Furniss's brilliant new book, How Not to Disappear (Simon & Schuster) to give away to a secondary reading group (Ages 14+). Furniss's debut, The Year of the Rat, received much critical attention.

23/01/2016Clare Furniss book group set to give away!

Read for My School launches

The annual national reading competition, which aims to get children aged seven to 13 years reading 1 million books in three months, has launched.

19/01/2016Read for My School launches

World Book Day book quiz

World Book Day is inviting schools and libraries to help set a new record for the most people participating in simultaneous book quizzes. The record attempt will take place on Monday 22nd February.

19/01/2016World Book Day book quiz

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