Wicked Young Writer Awards launches
Write a story in just 700 words to enter the Wicked Young Writer Awards, which bestselling author...

Wicked Young Writer Awards launches
Jacqueline Wilson heads up ReadingZone Festival! Bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson will be live at Bourne Hall Theatre in...

Almond wins the Guardian children's prize
David Almond has won the Guardian childrens fiction prize with A Song for Ella... More

Matt Haig

Have you ever wondered what Father Christmas was like, before he grew up? Yes? Then this is the book for you! Author MATT HAIG tells us about his latest book, A BOY CALLED CHRISTMAS!



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Pop-Up Haunted House

Pop-Up Haunted House
Sam Taplin

Enter if you dare: each page of this book pops up to create a 3-dimensional scene packed with spooky creatures and ghoulish details. Behind the creaky old door live ghosts,... More

Badly Drawn Beth: 1

Badly Drawn Beth: 1
Jem Packer, Duncan McCoshan

So, I'm surrounded by crocodiles, holding a briefcase full of fish fingers, I'm wearing a swamp monster mask AND MISS PRIMULA IS ABOUT TO CALL MY PARENTS! Meet Beth - and all of... More

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