A new team of spies!
Look out for a ragdoll, a bear and a robot rabbit - the newest team of spies have arrived! Author...

A new team of spies!
A story about a perfect town In A Place Called Perfect, everything seems to be just that - but not is all...

Psst - there's something fishy going on... your local library, where Animal Agents are busy solving mysteries as... More

Lauren St John

Look out for scorpions, snakes and crocs in this death-defying new adventure from the young detective Laura Marlin - THE SECRET OF SUPERNATURAL CREEK! We asked author LAUREN ST JOHN to tell us more!



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The Starman and Me

The Starman and Me
Sharon Cohen

E.T. meets Stig of the Dump in a page-turning adventure for fans of Frank Cottrell Boyce and David Almond He wasn't an alien, I was sure of that. It was more like he'd walked in... More

The Secret of Supernatural Creek: Book 5

The Secret of Supernatural Creek: Book 5
Lauren St. John

Eleven-year-old ace detective Laura Marlin is back for her next exciting adventure in the fifth mystery from award-winning author Lauren St John. After helping to capture Mr A,... More

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