Harry Potter Book Night!
Embrace the magic and prepare to celebrate Harry Potter in a big way, with a new Harry Potter Book...

Harry Potter Book Night!
Blue Peter Awards gets underway Some 200 children from around the country will help to choose the winning...

Write a ghost story in 50 words....
The Scottish Book Trust competition, to write a ghost story in just 50 words,... More

Toby Ibbotson

MOUNTWOOD SCHOOL FOR GHOSTS (Macmillan) trains ghosts in terrifying haunting techniques. But when its students are drawn into a battle to save a town from developers, the ghosts face a fight for survival... Author TOBY IBBOTSON...



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The Time-Travelling Sandwich Bites Back

The Time-Travelling Sandwich Bites Back
Matt Brown

Compton Valance has an incredible secret: he can travel through time using a stinky sandwich. And now he's in big trouble! Because his evil brother Bravo has stolen the sandwich... More

Goth Girl and the Fete Worse Than Death

Goth Girl and the Fete Worse Than Death
Chris Riddell

Preparations for the Ghastly-Gorm Garden Party and bake-off are under way. Celebrity cooks are arriving at the hall for the big event and, true to form, Maltravers, the indoor... More

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