Holly Webb joins ReadingZone Live!
Bestselling author Holly Webb, whose books include The Secret Kitten and The Winter Wolf, joined...

Holly Webb joins ReadingZone Live!
Wicked Young Writers' competition The Wicked Young Writers' Award, spearheaded by bestselling author Michael...

Create a picture book competition
We are challenging those aged four to 18 years to make a picture book, with... More

Simon Mayle

Harry's life is in chaos. His mum is having twins, his older sister is evil and now his parents want him to give up gaming and play football instead....! Author SIMON MAYLE tells us more about SHOUTY KID's next installment!



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Mike Revell

When ten-year-old Liam moves house to be closer to his dementia-suffering grandma, he's thrown into an unfamiliar place, with a family that seems to be falling apart. Liam... More

The Great Jail Break

The Great Jail Break
Caryl Hart

Foxy DuBois and Alphonso the Alligator find themselves in a very tight place. Can they escape? Or will it be a life behind bars for these two hapless rogues? This is the third... More

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