Knight in Training's next adventure
We've been speaking to author VIVIAN FRENCH about Knights in Training. In the latest book, Spots,...

Knight in Training's next adventure
Look out for Mini-Dragons! It's time to meet a very small, and very clever, young dragon who arrives in...

Wimpy Kid author to visit UK
Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney will be visiting the UK in November as part of a... More

Guy Bass

Look out for adventure, danger and loads of laughs in SPYNOSAUR by GUY BASS. Spynosaur is a spy - among the best there is. He's also a dinosaur! In this adventure, Spynosaur is trying to track down a missing agent. We asked GUY...



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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Duncan McCoshan

So I'm being chased through the park by a pack of angry zombies, I've got cake mix on my face and MY MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO EVER IS IN THE SCHOOL MAGAZINE! Beth Orsen is back... More

Wilf the Mighty Worrier and the Alien Invasion

Wilf the Mighty Worrier and the Alien Invasion
Georgia Pritchett

Fantastically funny Wilf is now shortlisted for the Laugh Out Loud Book Awards! Meet Wilf. He worries about everything. He is a Mighty Worrier. And now his next door neighbour... More

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