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First Baby Days: On the Move: A pull-tab board book to help your baby focus First Baby Days: On the Move: A pull-tab board book to help your baby focus

Publisher: Pat-a-Cake
ISBN: 9781526380012
Published: 03/09/2017
Price: £5.99

Book of the Week
A lovely bright and sturdy board book that comes with well-designed pull-out flaps to help engage little ones. For young children who love cars, trains and boats, this is perfect as the bold images - perfectly designed to help babies focus - take us through different forms of transport. The pull-out flaps are also useful for teaching concepts like 'up' and 'along'.

Stimulate a baby's developing vision with these bright and bold, high-contrast novelty board books.Babies are able to react and respond to simple patterns and contrasting colours just a few weeks after being born. As their eyes develop, they begin to track objects and scan for things to look at. On the Move aids this development by using high-contrast colours and patterns, striking illustrations and pages that pull out in different directions. Babies will react with delight as they track and scan the pictures and patterns that are revealed as you pull the tabs, while the simple text prompts parent interaction.The perfect first book to share with your baby!Also available: Funny Faces

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