This section provides contact details for authors and illustrators who visit schools and information about the kind of events they hold.

Linda Chapman
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Linda Chapman

Main titles

My Secret Unicorn
Sophie and the Shadow Woods
Best Friends Bakery
Wild Friends
Mr Monkey
Secret Kingdom

Age Ranges

4-11 years

Preferred Event

An interactive talk about reading and writing, hopefully inspiring the children to read and leaving them with lots of ideas for their own writing. However, I will also do smaller creative writing workshops if required.

Number of Sessions

Maximum of 4 although if there is an additional short session eg talking to the junior librarians, school magazine or the creative writing group at lunchtime, that is fine.

Size of Audience

Ideally 30-100

Home area


Regions Covered

Generally within a 150 mile radius of Loughborough but I will sometimes travel further in the UK.


120 per session plus travel expenses of 0.25 a mile
(I ask to do a minimum of two sessions if I am travelling more than 20 miles.)


Contact Details

Author's Comments


Over the last twelve years, I have done many author talks as well as creative writing workshops in primary schools and talks at festivals (home and international), libraries and bookshops.


I find it is really useful if the children can have been shown some of my books or looked at my website and if they can think up some questions they would like to ask me. I like to sell books if possible and if so, I will need someone to help me sell them / take the money while I sign them and chat to the children.


I like to liaise with the school / teachers and find out what they would like from the visit.


My school events are highly interactive. In my sessions, which are usually for 25-100 children and last 40-60 minutes depending on the age of the group, I explore where ideas come from, read short extracts from my books, help pupils to create characters and storylines as a group and encourage lots of questions! If a school has specific requirements from an event, for example wanting to concentrate on an area of the National Curriculum such as creating character, setting or plot, then my sessions can easily be adapted to accommodate this. I have time for questions at the end and am happy to bring books in to sell/to sign books afterwards and chat to children on an individual basis. The signing session usually takes about 30 minutes and often schools run this during break/lunch.


I need a couple of large tables at the front of the room I am working in and a flipchart with paper and pens. A white board will do but not an interactive whiteboard. If there is no flipchart available, a large piece of white paper stuck to a wall is fine!