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Perdita & Honor Cargill
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Perdita & Honor Cargill

Main titles

Waiting for Callback
Waiting for Callback: Take Two

Age Ranges


Preferred Event

Assembly-style talks

Number of Sessions

A one hour talk or a half day (typically two talks or a talk and a workshop)

Size of Audience

Anything from 20 to 300 is fine

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Regions Covered

All regions



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Author's Comments

We're a mother/daughter writing team and we find when we go into schools that children love that Honor is so young and can immediately relate to their school experiences. We talk not just about the books and the real-life drama stories that inspired them, but also the process of collaborating.

We're honest about the hard work involved in getting a book finished but we make sure that the students know how much satisfaction and laughter there can be along the way. And we're frank about Honor's dyslexia. It's important to us to emphasise the message that you don't need to be a star pupil at everything that the English curriculum throws at you to write stories.

We like doing events together and try to schedule them round Honor's terms (she's at Oxford and the terms are 8 weeks long so this can usually be arranged) but I (Perdita) am also happy to do talks or workshops on my own. We've also put lots of virtual material on our website and would also do Skype talks.

Types of Event we have done

Talks (from one hour to half a day) to groups ranging from 20 children in a library to assemblies of more than 200 hundred children - both girls' schools and mixed schools.

School's Preparation

If possible please make available a projector and visual for the talk It's great if the children know a little about the books and can provide an extract for them to look at. Book sales are lovely of course and if this is possible it's good for children have a letter home in advance.

Our preparation

We use a power point and we will provide it in advance by email and will bring a memory stick.

We can arrange for books for selling on the day via a local bookseller or Simon & Schuster.

If more advance materials are needed for use in the classroom before or after the visit we are happy to help with this if we can - please do just ask.

The Event(s)

We try to be as flexible as possible - there's no one-size-fits-all presentation and we'd love to talk through what would be useful for the audience in advance of a visit. What follows is just to give a flavour of what we could offer.

- A joint presentation (around an hour) focusing on the fun of collaborative writing. Typically, we open by showing our short fun trailer and we talk about the books. But mostly we talk about our process and how we work together. And we talk about how other authors collaborate too and how many different ways there are to work with someone on a writing project. We want the students to feel excited and encouraged to try collaborating on writing projects (or any projects) themselves. We can include an extract read by one of us or a student but we always leave lots of time for questions.

- Workshops (up to an hour) led by one or both of us. Here the focus is getting the students inspired and writing. We like to use the drama theme and the script sections in the books to trigger some work. For example, we might look at a scene like the one where Elektra (our main character) is recording a voiceover for an advert (she plays the second most important squirrel!) and then challenge the students to write their own advert script, perhaps working in pairs (collaboration again). The text in the books is broken up by, for example, lists, emails and extracts from made up magazines and websites and this gives us lots of opportunities to come up with fun short writing exercises in different formats.