ISBN 0711211825

An early look at how the world around us was created. Simple, easy to follow but dealing with big ideas.

ISBN 1405055197

Tony Robinson's television series, Worst Jobs in History, will mean he is familiar to many children. Here, his take on the children's version of the television programme.

ISBN 0750030674

From the 'You Wouldn't Want to be a...' series, this introduces children to what it was really like living in those times.

ISBN 1904880142

This travels through time and around the world to show dinosaur enthusiasts how scientists pieced together what we know today about dinosaurs.

ISBN 0751356166

Stephen Biesty's incredible illustrations can be marvelled over, while children also learn how these products are created.

ISBN 190464242X

The layout makes this book easy for children to dip into and is packed with facts about life on the high seas.

ISBN 1903954436

Some interesting questions answered and the internet links will give children an added element to explore.

Dorling Kindersley

ISBN 1405308370

Ipods, mobile phones and digital cameras are all explored in this book that explains in clear diagrams and layouts how modern gadets work.