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Du Iz Tak?4/5

Du Iz Tak?

Carson Ellis


Du Iz Tak? follows a year in the life of a group of insects. Using a made-up bug language, the story is told in the dialogue between the creatures as their world changes.

Because the story follows events shown in the pictures and some phrases are repeated, guessing what the bugs are saying is satisfying, but it also allows emergent readers to interpret the text on an equal footing to adults. The triumphant 'Ta ta!' of the caterpillar dangling upside down from a twig is later repeated by others so what might first be read as 'ta-da' later seems to mean 'bye bye'.

The illustrations are wonderful and each spread offers plenty of details about life in the bugs' world - a twig is not a twig, a toadstool grows, insects serenade one another under a moonlit sky - the circle of life continues.

The book offers a fabulous bugs' eye view of the world and its wonders with plenty of untold stories to explore.

48 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher.

Reviewed by: Sue Wilsher