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River Stories5/5

River Stories

Timothy Knapman

Sam Phillips



Intisar Khanani

Linda brown

The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley5/5

The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley

Amber Lee Dodd

Abbi McInnes

Trailblazers: Albert Einstein4/5

Trailblazers: Albert Einstein

Paul Virr

Sam Phillips

The Falling in Love Montage5/5

The Falling in Love Montage

Ciara Smyth

Sharon Bolton

Where the Wilderness Lives4/5

Where the Wilderness Lives

Jess Butterworth

Kelly Louise Buxton



Darren Charlton

Daniel Katz

Once Upon a Dragon's Fire5/5

Once Upon a Dragon's Fire

Beatrice Blue

Nikki Stiles

Ember Queen5/5

Ember Queen

Laura Sebastian

Linda Brown

Is My Teacher A Robot?4/5

Is My Teacher A Robot?

Dave Cousins

Sam Phillips

Where Happiness Begins5/5

Where Happiness Begins

Eva Eland

Nia Talbot

Bunnies on the Bus4/5

Bunnies on the Bus

Philip Ardagh

Nia Talbot

The Infinite4/5

The Infinite

Patience Agbabi

Abbi McInnes

Orphans of the Tide5/5

Orphans of the Tide

Struan Murray

Carol Carter

The Shark Caller5/5

The Shark Caller

Zillah Bethell

Clair Bossons

The Somerset Tsunami5/5

The Somerset Tsunami

Emma Carroll

Aiden B

What Stars Are Made Of5/5

What Stars Are Made Of

Sarah Allen

Janet Fisher

Bear Shaped5/5

Bear Shaped

Dawn Coulter-Cruttenden

Katherine Hutchings

A Little Bit Worried5/5

A Little Bit Worried

Ciara Gavin

Joanna Hewish - Teacher



M. N. Tahl

Joanna Hewish - Teacher

Don't Mess With Duck!5/5

Don't Mess With Duck!

Becky Davies

Joanna Hewish - Teacher

The List of Things That Will Not Change5/5

The List of Things That Will Not Change

Rebecca Stead

Beverley Somerset

Dragon Detective: Catnapped!4/5

Dragon Detective: Catnapped!

Gareth P. Jones

Sam Phillips

Anisha, Accidental Detective4/5

Anisha, Accidental Detective

Serena Patel

Donna Ritchie

The Vanishing Trick5/5

The Vanishing Trick

Jenni Spangler

Dawn Woods


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