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Lou Abercrombie

Lou Abercrombie photo

Lou Abercrombie studied Maths at university and went on to apply for jobs in investment banking, but soon switched to television where she worked first as an audio engineer and then as a post production manager and where her favourite moments included recording voice over with Porkins from Star Wars...

After having children, Lou retrained as a portrait photographer and moved to Bath with her family. Alongside projects such as Shooting the Undead (a series that required her to learn how to do zombie makeup) and Age Becomes Her (a series celebrating the older woman), she has focused on photographing children's, fantasy and crime authors.

She now writes the kind of books she would have liked to read aged 11 or 12. For inspiration, she looks to her own areas of interest, including swimming and photography.

When she's not writing, you'll probably find her doing ballet, yoga, playing the piano and being a taxi driver to her three children.

Best known titles

Fig Swims the World