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James Carter
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James Carter

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Have visited over 1300 Primary and Prep schools all over the UK / international schools in France, Germany and Spain / and done many festivals - Edinburgh / Cheltenham / Oxford / Hay etc

Can offer .. exciting, lively, interactive and wholly creative events!

In SCHOOLS - whole day - poetry and music assemblies in hall / poetry workshops in classrooms/ finale

In libraries/festivals - 1 hour performance for younger children, say 4-7s or 7-11s

Number of Sessions

I would happily do the whole day!

Size of Audience

assemblies/performances - as many as can squeeze in! (have done up to 500) / workshops max 60 children

Home area

South Oxfordshire - but happy to travel within 150 mile radius in a day - or further afield if two day visit

Regions Covered

All over UK / Europe



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TYPES OF EVENTS I HAVE DONE: Everything from...

Single days in schools of assemblies/workshops/finales.

For a whole school day - either a GENERIC POETRY DAY or .. a SPACE-THEMED DAY (non-fiction/poetry)

Ongoing RESIDENCIES - multiple visits over a term/academic year

INSET days / conferences for librarians/teachers

Visit to one or multiple libraries in a day

At festivals - I either do a poetry and music show (either EY/KS1 or KS2) or a space show (again either EY/KS1 or KS2) - often a number of events in one day

I'm an ambassador for NATIONAL POETRY DAY so I'm keen to promote this!


To visit my website to read/hear poems, think of questions the children could ask me on the day - even get the children to perform one of my poems! If I am running a Space Day, I ask schools to get classes doing some space research in advance of the workshops.

I ask if all teachers could please be active participants in the assemblies/workshops!


Assemblies - a lively, interactive half hour of poems/music (one for KS2 / then one for KS1/Rec)

Four Workshops in classrooms - often doubling up classes - 40 mins each (children write beyond my time with them)

Big Finale back in hall - parents v welcome!


A piano/keyboard in the hall if possible please!


'Outstanding!' OFSTED inspector in a Cheltenham Primary school / 'Best visitor we've ever had!' Prep School in Andover, Hants / 'Every school needs a visit from James Carter!' Literacy Co-ordinator, Primary school in South London / 'James brings so many things to a school, but above all, ENTHUSIASM!' KS2 teacher, Newbury