Achievement Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that St Ebbe's C of E Primary School in Oxford - whose pupils have entered the award for several years - is the winner of our Achievement Award, with Elmhurst Primary School the runner-up in this category.

Brush by Lulu, aged 9, which was the runner-up for the Primary Award, has been chosen as the picture book that will represent St Ebbe's school. The school will receive 40 copies of Brush, which you can download as a PDF, below.

Rachel Bright said of Brush: "This is EXCELLENT storytelling. I loved this story - what a fabulous vocabulary you have and the drawings were fantastic too. You really thought about every one and tried out different perspectives! You could really make a career out of this one day if you keep practising! Well Done."

St Ebbe's C of E Primary School, which has been a regular entrant to the ReadingZone Picture Book Competition, sent a range of eye-catching picture books for the competition.

Our judge said, "These are all great picture books with lots of unusual ideas and lovely illustrations. We enjoyed the adventures you took your characters on and the array of themes was impressive - from dragons and unicorns to bad sisters and hoola hoops! Some of your covers were also really eye-catching. We were particularly impressed that, although you had started these picture books in school, you finished them at home."

At Elmhurst School, which is the runner-up for the Achievement Category, the children had also created their picture books at home. Our judges said, "These are very eye-catching titles and covers and some really interesting themes around friendship, bullying or having adventures with characters ranging from naughty children to colourful chameleons.

"Several of your picture books caught our judges' eyes, but each of your picture books had something special to offer and our judges were hugely impressed by what you have achieved. We hope that each of these authors and illustrators is proud of their achievements!"

26/06/2018Achievement Award Winner