Primary Award Winner

We are thrilled to announce that The Pyjama Farmer and the Llama Drama by Megan Grace Nicholson has won the Primary Category of the ReadingZone Picture Book Competition, with runners-up Brush by Lulu (St Ebbe's Primary School) and Moon Madness by Frank (Heathfield House School).

The Commended picture books include Run Away From the Wars by Mogadasa (Elmhurst Primary School) and The Abandoned Shadow by Faith and Isla (Dudley House School).

Speaking about the winning picture book, The Pyjama Farmer and The Llama Drama by Megan Grace Nicholson, judge Rachel Bright said, "I was really blown away by how much thought, time and love had gone into this picture book project! I loved that you researched your subject too (so important!) and you were really clever with your Rhymes! I thought it was a really unique and original story - A well deserved category winner... Well done! Keep writing and drawing every day!"

Rachel Bright also commented on the Primary Category RUNNERS-UP:

Brush by Lulu (St Ebbe's School)
"This is EXCELLENT storytelling. I loved this story - what a fabulous vocabulary you have and the drawings were fantastic too. You really thought about every one and tried out different perspectives! You could really make a career out of this one day if you keep practising! Well Done."

Moon Madness by Frank (Heathfield House School)
"I loved this one (great title!) and the alien character is fantastic - a well thought out message too - treat others how we would be treated ourselves! Excellent...Well done.

COMMENDED picture books:

Run Away From the Wars by Mogadasa (Elmhurst Primary School)
"Wow. This is so powerful and personal. The best stories are told from the heart and this really is and because of that it really touched my heart too. A special story. Well done."

The Abandoned Shadow by Faith and Isla (Dudley House School)
"VERY good! Well thought out and original narrative and excellent illustrations. I really wanted Sammy to find his shadow! Well done."

SHORTLISTED picture books with comments from judge Rachel Bright:

The kind Mouse by Susanna and Honey (The Maynard School)
"I loved the moral that love and kindness are the most important things in life. I also loved the idea of putting a heart to spot in every picture - I actually do this too - but with my signature - there is a little bee hiding in all my books! Great team work on this book well done."

Snowball 2 by Skye (Langshott Primary School)
"Some picture books have very few words and this was very well thought out with drama and fun. Well done!"

The Secret Door by Fariha
"Lots of drama in this story! Well done...I loved that you did your own barcode too!"

Goldilocks' Adventure in the Park by Katelyn and Eden (Gaelscoil Inis Corthaidh, Eire)
"You both worked so hard and so well together on this - true teamwork. Some of the most famous and wonderful books are created by pairs - you are a winning combination - Well done!"

The Viking Girl by Year 4J (St Osmund's Primary School)
"What an empowering story, I loved how well thought out the illustrations were - and what a great team effort - well done!"

27/06/2018Primary Award Winner