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Poetry event on 3rd October

To celebrate National Poetry Day 2018 in October, poet and performer Zaro Weil joined ReadingZone Live with a live online event where children had the opportunity to ask the poet their questions.

Zaro Weil is and has been a lot of things as well as a poet, including a dancer, novelist, theatre director, performer, teacher, publisher, historian and a few more as well.

Children will be able to put their questions to Zaro Weil during our 45 mins event on 3rd October. Any school can watch the event live and it will also be made available online at a later date.

Thousands of poetry-led events are expected to take place across the UK during the week of National Poetry Day and the National Poetry Day website also has a range of resources available on its website, via the link, below, including a Toolkit for Schools.

A live link will appear via the LGfL website on the day of the event, Wednesday 3rd October, here:

Poetry event on 3rd October
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