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Fleur Hitchcock joins ReadingZone Live

Fleur Hitchcock is well known for writing contemporary thrillers (Murder in Midwinter, Murder at Twilight) and historical fiction (The Boy Who Flew). Here, Fleur tells us how her books develop and what are the ingredients you need to make a cracking thriller!

How did you begin as an author? What happens when you get stuck while you're writing? How long does it take you to write your books? What makes a story effective?

Fleur Hitchcock gives some insights into writing and how to engage readers during this event at Greycoat School in London, where she was asked questions by children and students from a number of schools live online.

She also explores her characters, and how the twists in her story develop.

Watch the live recorded event here:

Fleur Hitchcock joins ReadingZone Live
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