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Michaela Morgan celebrates National Poetry Day

Michaela Morgan inspires children to enjoy and to write poetry during this live recorded event with children at Cheam Common Junior Academy. Watch the full event, and find out how to start writing your own group or individual poem for National Poetry Day!

What is a poet, how do you start to write a poem and does it need to rhyme? These are just some of the questions answered by Michaela Morgan during this event celebrating all things poetry, and National Poetry Day, which takes place on 3rd October 2019.

As well as talking about her own work, Michaela inspires the children to begin their own poem based on the theme of 'Truth', the theme for this year's National Poetry Day.

You can watch Michaela's half hour event, via the link below, followed by questions from the children.

In the additional link, Michaela guides children to write their own poem about 'Impossible Things' - or lies - for a poem for National Poetry Day, that plays with NPD's theme of 'Truth'.

Michaela uses inspiration from poems about Alice in Wonderland (from Wonderland: Alice in Poetry (Macmillan Children's Books)) to help get children started with their own poems.

Michaela Morgan celebrates National Poetry Day
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