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Hello, Mr Whale!5/5

Hello, Mr Whale!

Sam Boughton


This a charming picture book/non-fiction book for younger readers. With 'lift the flaps' and sturdy fold-out pages that kept my young reader engaged, the illustrations are fantastic and the facts easy to understand. I learned a few facts myself!

This is a great book for young children to look at and engage with, but also for older readers of 5+ who want to know more about the animals that live in the ocean, for example whales, jellyfish and lobsters.

The book also introduces subject specific terminology such as carnivore and omnivore, with facts about each of the creatures it presents; for example, that an octopus has three hearts, and the name of a baby turtle is a hatchling.

Others in the series include Hello, Mr Bear and Hello, Mr Dinosaur - which will no doubt be popular with young children.

16 pages / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Lizi Backhouse, teacher

Reviewed by: Lizi Backhouse