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One World, Many Colours4/5

One World, Many Colours

Ben Lerwill


One World Many Colours is a gorgeous non fiction picture book that takes us around the world, introducing different countries through their colours; the yellow sunflower fields of Spain and the yellow cabs of the US; the pink blossoms of Japan or the flamingos on a wide lake in Kenya.

The painted spreads are gorgeous and give children a glimpse of these diverse parts of the world and encourage them to focus on the colours in the landscapes they know. The short, descriptive text supports the images and draws our attention to the colours and the atmosphere of each of these different places, so with the yellow cabs in New York City, we read, 'The taxi cabs are honking their horns. People are hurrying this way and that, under buildings that stretch up to the sky'.

While the book is most suited to KS1 children, it can also be used to inspire older children in their own creative writing, showing how just a few descriptive words or sentences can bring to mind an entire landscape.

The book could also be used as an early introduction to Geography, with a map at the end of the story showing where each of these countries and their associated features and colours can be found.

The final page of the book is a note from the author, reminding us how all colours come together in a rainbow and that, no matter how different we might all seem, 'everywhere, and everyone, is connected'. It's a lovely message for all ages.

Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Ellen Green

Reviewed by: Ellen Green