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Super Happy Magic Forest: The Humongous Fungus5/5

Super Happy Magic Forest: The Humongous Fungus

Matty Long


Super Happy Magic Forest is a cheerful place, populated by all the usually characters you'd expect in a magic forest (unicorns, gnomes, admin rabbits etc.) The residents are happily preparing for the Frolic Festival to honour the Rainbow Dragon who breathed life into the forest.

But, what's this? The Rainbow Dragon is sick? Poisoned by the evil, toxic, giant mushroom, Fungellus? Well, then there is only one thing to do: call in our five brave heroes to set off on a quest. Blossom (unicorn), Twinkle (fairy), Herbert (gnome), Hoofus (half-naked goat-man; sorry, faun) and Trevor (talking mushroom) are here to save the day. Well, most of them are. Trevor is actually feeling a bit useless at the moment, like he can't do anything right, and what was that Fungellus said about making him huge and powerful?

I have not read any of the previous Super Happy Magic Forest picture books, but on the evidence of this bonkers installment, I shall be adding them immediately to my library shelves. Perfect for young readers making the step up from picture books to early chapter readers, there is also a lot here to amuse adult and older child readers, too. My only tiny reservation is I would have loved the internal illustrations to be in vibrant colour like the cover.

All in all, a sure-fire winner for 5-7 year old comedy fans (and that's all of them, right?)

192 pages / Ages 5-7 years / Reviewed by Carol Carter, school librarian

Reviewed by: Carol Carter