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Bird Love5/5

Bird Love

Wenfei Tong


Bird Love is an engaging and richly illustrated account of the process of birds finding a mate and raising offspring, touching on all aspects in the process from mating to the chicks flying the nest. At first glance this did not seem the most accessible book, however upon further reading the language and sentence structures used are easily understandable and could definitely be read by mature KS3 pupils.

The book celebrates all aspects of the topic, yet is clearly chaptered into various aspects of the topic e.g. nesting, raising chicks, allowing the reader to easily dip in and out as they please. The footnotes and asides indicate great re-readability, meaning this could be a coffee-table or classroom favourite for years to come.

The book really encourages the reader not only to observe the habits of these creatures, but to interrogate the motivations behind their actions, which could be a great jumping off point for a class discussion. The bibliography at the back is in-depth too, leaving plenty of room for further research for those hooked in to the topic by this book.

Each page is packed with wonderfully bright and clear nature photography from all areas of the world, which is an absolute highlight throughout, vividly illustrating different breeds and climates, and the bright colours are a great way of encouraging those who are not keen on non-fiction to really explore and appreciate the subject. Even a non-reader could appreciate this book for the photography alone!

Despite its initial challenging appearance, this is a great addition to any library's non-fiction section, and would be well used in group research projects or for independent reading! This is an absolute perfect read for anyone interested in the life of birds, or in natural sciences as a whole.

191 pages / Ages 12+ / Reviewed by Patricia Snake, school librarian

Reviewed by: Patricia Snake