An endangered bird, and a mystery to solve

Posted on Sunday, September 11, 2022
Category: Video/Vlog

Return to the wild with the detective friends, the Twitchers, with this new mystery adventure involving rare birds, a mystery shooter and big questions about how we treat our wildlife.

In Spark, Twitch and his detective friends discover two new mysteries waiting to be solved; why is someone shooting at local cats, and what is the mystery around an endangered bird that has been seen heading to their area? 

Author MG Leonard tells us more about twitchers, 'spark' birds, and writing mysteries as she introduces her new book, Spark, plus she gives a short reading from Spark.

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When Jack rescues a wounded cat, he quickly suspects foul play. Could there be a wildlife criminal on the loose in Briddvale?  Jack rushes to investigate, determined to catch the culprit, only to stumble into a deepening mystery and a sinister criminal plot.  Can Jack and The Twitchers stop the villains before it's too late?

Also available: The Twitchers (book 1)