Dear Earth

Dear Earth

Dear Earth
Isabel Otter

Caterpillar Books Ltd

ISBN 9781848579415

When Tessa writes a love letter to the Earth, it's the beginning of a glorious adventure. She blows bubbles with whales, soars with birds and joins in with the noisy rainforest hullabaloo! Tessa wants everyone to know how special our planet is. She believes that there is a chance to save the Earth if enough of us share the message...

Librarian's Book choice

What a beautiful way to instil a love of our planet. This picture book by Isabel Otter has a wonderful message. The author uses Tessa, a curious girl with a brilliant imagination, as a platform for this story. Tessa's Grandpa talks about his adventures around the world and it fills her mind with awe and wonder. Tessa decides to write a letter to Earth and the reader is taken on a breath-taking journey through her thoughts. Tessa imagines amazing scenes, from swimming with turtles in the depths of the oceans to flying over snowy mountains.

The story is only made better by the stunning illustrations by Clara Anganuzzi, whose wonderful pictures lie in wait, ready to surprise and amaze the reader at every page turn. The text on the page is interwoven into the illustrations and some pages require you to turn the book into portrait as you read the words descending down through the oceanic scenery or up to the lush green jungle treetops.

As this book explores many of the Earth's biomes, it would be a fantastic starting platform for so many topics which look at the environment or habitats. Most importantly, the story would be highly conducive in inspiring and motivating children to get writing. At the end of the story, there is a letter template that can support children in writing their own letter to earth. Furthermore, the publisher has also made this template available to download for free online: perfect for teachers.

My own children enjoyed this, my six-year-old more so than my four-year-old. At the end of the story, the reader is given some ideas on how to best help our planet which is perfect because after reading this story, my six-year-old wanted to do just that.

I would recommend this book for children aged 5yrs and older or any teacher/parent who wants to instill a real love and respect for the planet.

Picture book / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by James Hewish, teacher