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Perdita and Honor Cargill

Perdita and Honor Cargill

Honor and Perdita Cargill are a daughter/mother writing partnership and the authors of Diary of an Accidental Witch and More...


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Danger at Dead Man's Pass

Danger at Dead Man's Pass

Authors MG Leonard and Sam Sedgman tell us about the latest explosive Adventures On Trains novel, Danger at Dead Man's Pass. Look More...


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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

What does a graphic designer do, and how do you become one? James Mobb describes his work in film, where he has d More...


Latest Books & Extracts

  • The World Book: Explore the Facts, Stats and Flags of Every Country

    The World Book is an almanac of fascinating information, containing geography, history, food, sport, wildlife, art and culture. Where wou

  • The False Rose

    Sally Jones returns in the thrilling sequel to The Murderer's Ape! With gorgeously detailed black-and-white illustrations throughout.

  • Horror Heights: The Slime (Book 1)

    Welcome to Horror Heights: can the children who live here conceal the strange goings on behind closed doors? GOOSEBUMPS for a new generat

  • The Shadows of Rookhaven

    A story about family and forgiveness, a sequel to The Monsters of Rookhaven, from the bestselling author of Tin.

  • When Fishes Flew: The Story of Elena's War

    The stunning new 2021 children's novel from master storyteller Michael Morpurgo

  • Everything You Know About Dinosaurs is Wrong!

    Dinosaur fans will quickly become dinosaur experts with this informative, inventive and entertaining take on a dinosaur book!

  • How Was That Built?: The Stories Behind Awesome Structures

    The world is full of incredible structures. Skyscrapers soaring up to the clouds, bridges reaching across the widest, deepest rivers, tun

  • The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

    The second in a deliciously spine-tingling, spooky series.

  • Eddie Albert and the Amazing Animal Gang: The Amsterdam Adventure

    The hilarious and action-packed middle grade adventure from beloved comedian and bestselling author Paul O'Grady.

  • Danger at Dead Man's Pass

    The bestselling, prize-winning Adventures on Trains series embarks on a thrilling fourth adventure as Harrison Beck investigates an ancie

Featured Authors

  • Larry Hayes

    Larry Hayes: Larry Hayes talks about siblings, imagining the future, and a trip to Nasa that helped inspire his new book, How

  • Alex Foulkes

    Alex Foulkes: Rules for Vampires is Alex's debut novel. Alex was born in smoky Stoke-on-Trent and grew up in the Staffordshire Moorlan

  • Mya-Rose Craig and Sabrena Khadija

    Mya-Rose Craig and Sabrena Khadija: Mya-Rose Craig's new book We Have a Dream gives a voice to environmental activists from around the worl

  • Joshua Seigal

    Joshua Seigal: Joshua Seigal is a poet, performer and workshop leader; Yapping Away is his latest collection. Joshua spends a lot of hi

  • Sam Sedgman and MG Leonard

    Sam Sedgman and MG Leonard: MG Leonard and Sam Sedgman are the writing duo behind the brilliant Adventures on Trains series! MG Leonard is th

  • Roma Agrawal and Katie Hickey

    Roma Agrawal and Katie Hickey: Roma Agrawal, MBE is an award-winning engineer and author and How Was That Built is her first book for

  • Emma Carroll

    Emma Carroll: Emma Carroll's new historical fiction novel, The Week at World's End, revisits the week of the Cuban Crisis through the eyes of three chi

  • Anthony Kessel

    Anthony Kessel: Professor Anthony Kessel is a public health physician, academic and author. Since 2019 Anthony has been working in a nationa

  • Laura Gladwin

    Laura Gladwin: Laura Gladwin trained at Leith's School of Food and Wine before working as a freelance chef. She then spent five years a

  • Konnie Huq

    Konnie Huq: Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq published her first children's book, Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the Worl

  • Perdita and Honor Cargill

    Perdita and Honor Cargill: Honor and Perdita Cargill are a daughter/mother writing partnership and the authors of Diary of an Accidental Witch and

  • Robin Scott-Elliot

    Robin Scott-Elliot: Scottish born author Robin Scott-Elliot's latest historical fiction novel, Hide and Seek, takes us to wartime Paris. It

  • Karen McCombie

    Karen McCombie: Best-selling author Karen McCombie explores unexpected friendships in her latest novel, How to be a Human</stron

  • Stephanie Burgis

    Stephanie Burgis: Like her earlier titles, Stephanie Burgis's new MG fantasy adventure The Raven Heir (Bloomsbur

  • Vita Murrow

    Vita Murrow: Vita Murrow is an author, artist and educator whose latest collection of stories, Once Upon Our Planet,

  • Ayisha Malik

    Ayisha Malik: Ayisha Malik's new book for children, Seven Sisters, is a story about seven very different but brillian

  • Theresa Lola:  Happy Here

    Theresa Lola: Happy Here: Theresa Lola, who has contributed to the Happy Here collection by Black writers and illustrators, is a British Nigerian

  • Patrice Lawrence: Happy Here

    Patrice Lawrence: Happy Here: Patrice Lawrence was brought up in a Trinidadian-Italian family in Sussex, so had no other choice than to be a writer. S

  • Josh Lacey

    Josh Lacey: Josh Lacey's Hope Jones Saves the World series (Andersen Press) is a must for all young environmentalists and those camp

Your Reviews

  • The False Rose


    The False Rose, Sally Jones has returned to tell a tale of theft, deception, gang warfare and vengeance. From the first page the reader i...

  • Horror Heights: The Slime (Book 1)


    In Horror Heights: The Slime, 11 year old Connie has yet to find her niche at Secondary School, and while some children are known for the...

  • When Fishes Flew: The Story of Elena's War


    Nandi has always had a special relationship with her Great Aunt Ellie. She has loved her stories and the very essence that makes her so special. When Elli...

  • Tiptoe Tiger


    Young children will love Tiptoe Tiger and won't be able to stop themselves becoming fully engaged and involved with the story! It's a fan...

  • The Dream House


    Rex has gone to stay with his godfather, Sparky, but a lot has changed since his last visit... Rex has lost his dad and is struggling with overwhelming gr...

  • My Body Is a Rainbow: The Color of My Feelings


    This beautifully illustrated picture book by Maliki Chopra and Izzy Burton takes a child through a guided meditation using the colours of the rainbow and...

  • Shadowghast


    Whilst other towns are celebrating Hallowe'en, the residents of Eerie-on-Sea enjoy Ghastly Night. Legend has it that people must light manglewick candles...

  • Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City


    I have to admit that as someone that lacks any artistic bone in their body, I did worry that I wouldn't be able to relate to Peanut Jones in Peanu...

  • Catch Me If I Fall


    Set in Australia following a global disaster, Catch Me If I Fall is the story of twins living a privileged life in a safe community. The...

  • Sky Pirates: The Dragon's Gold


    Having joined the Black Sky Wolves, Echo is determined to prove herself as a Sky Pirate. She loves her new life aboard the Scarlet Margaret, digging for t...

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Robots versus Humans - who will win?

Robots versus Humans - who will win?

Happy Here

Happy Here

Alien lands in playground!

Alien lands in playground!


This month’s highlights

  • Picture Book

    Create a Picture Book

    Create a Picture Book

    The winners of the ReadingZone Create a Picture Book Competition have been announced! Mini Grey, the author and illustrator of Traction Man is Here and The Last Wolf, has...

  • Book Trailers

    Make a Book Trailer

    Make a Book Trailer

    Vega Jane Book Trailer Create a book trailer for ReadingZone, introducing Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery, and encourage others to read the book!</p...

  • Podcasts

    Create your own Podcast

    Create your own Podcast

    Bex, a presenter for Fun Kids, has put together a simple guide for us about creating podcasts and gives us some top tips for starting your own podcast.

  • Videos & Vlogs

    Creating a Book Vlog

    Creating a Book Vlog

    Ever wanted to create your own vlog, but don't know how to get started? In these videos, author and book vlogger Lucy Powrie (lucythereader) gives her tips on getting started, what to inc...