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Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer

Eoin Colfer worked as a teacher before turning his attention to full-time writing for children. He is best known for his phenomenally suc More...


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Dare you enter the Hollow Hills...?

Dare you enter the Hollow Hills...?

If you think that all fairy creatures are happy, a little mischievous, and want to do good, then look away now - the fae in The Hollow Hi More...


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Film Production

Film Production

What is a film producer? Sophie tells us what the day-to-day job of a film producer involves, what she loves most More...


Latest Books & Extracts

  • Stitch

    A compelling, atmospheric and gothic Frankenstein-inspired adventure by an award-winning Irish author.Stitch is not a monster

  • Bibi and the Box of Fairy Tales

    An enchanting collection of seven original fairy tales to bewitch and enthral by master storyteller, Vivian French, complemented by gorge

  • Operation Nativity

    When Oscar and Molly rush outside to investigate a crash in the night, they're not expecting to find a dazed Angel Gabriel wandering arou

  • Casander Darkbloom and the Threads of Power

    The first in an extraordinary middle-grade fantasy series that takes the traditional "chosen one" narrative and flips it on its head. Thi

  • Children of Winter

    A new edition of the much loved classic.    Catherine and her family set out for her grandmother's house deep in the Derbyshire hills. Sh

  • Ultrawild: An Audacious Plan for Rewilding Every City on Earth

    Join maverick inventor Steve Mushin as he tackles climate change with an avalanche of mind-bending, scientifically plausible inventions t

  • The Snow Girl

    From award-winning and critically acclaimed Sophie Anderson, comes a fairy-tale story of friendship, belonging and bravery, in an adventu

  • The Frost Goblin

    "The deepest frost has the power to rekindle hope in anyone who's lost it..."

  • The Miraculous Sweetmakers: The Frost Fair

    The perfect illustrated children's fantasy adventure

  • Juniper's Christmas

    A heartwarming, illustrated festive children's story from the bestselling author of Artemis Fowl

Featured Authors

  • Eoin Colfer

    Eoin Colfer: Eoin Colfer worked as a teacher before turning his attention to full-time writing for children. He is best known for his phenomenally suc

  • PA Staff

    PA Staff: PA Staff is a science communicator and vet by day, writer by night. Born and living in Norfolk, she spent her childhood growing up with a

  • Peter Brown

    Peter Brown: Peter has always loved telling stories and grew up telling stories by drawing characters and scenes from his imagination. As a teenager,

  • Katherine Rundell

    Katherine Rundell : Katherine Rundell is a bestselling author and whose novels for children include Rooftoppers, The Wolf Wilder, The

  • Dashe Roberts

    Dashe Roberts: Dashe Roberts has spent most of her life living on either coast of the US. After several years working in the New York theatre scene, she

  • Yaba Badoe and Joelle Avelino

    Yaba Badoe and Joelle Avelino: Yaba Badoe is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and author. Yaba was born in Ghana but now lives in London with her

  • Nikita Gill

    Nikita Gill: Nikita Gill is an Irish-Indian poet with a world-wide fan-base of over 650,000 Instagram followers. Her poetry collectio

  • Katya Balen

    Katya Balen: Katya read English at university and then completed an MPhil researching the impact of stories on autistic children's behaviour. She has

  • : Laura Mucha trained as a lawyer and is now an award-winning poet and author. Some of her writing is funny, but some is s

  • Derek Keilty

    Derek Keilty: Author Derek Keilty lives just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland with his Canadian wife and twin teenage daughters. They have a retriev

  • Ben Davis

    Ben Davis: Ben Davis is an award-winning children's author whose books include <a href="/books/the-private-blog-of-joe-cowley-strai

  • Helen Cooper

    Helen Cooper: Helen Cooper is an author and illustrator whose work includes classic titles such as The Bear Under the Stairs, Pumpkin Soup, The Baby Wh

  • Carlie Sorosiak - A World of Dogs

    Carlie Sorosiak - A World of Dogs: Carlie Sorosiak lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and her American Dingo, Dany. A bestselling children's autho

  • Thomas Taylor

    Thomas Taylor : Thomas Taylor introduces his latest and possibly last Eerie-on-Sea adventure, Mermedusa. Will the mysteries of Eerie-on-Sea finally be re

  • Hiba Noor Khan & Salini Perera

    Hiba Noor Khan & Salini Perera: Hiba Noor Khan is a double-Masters holder who has worked in refugee advocacy for The Children's Society, as a physics te

  • Matt Brown

    Matt Brown: Matt Brown is an author and broadcaster based in the UK. His books for children including FCBG Children's Book Award win

  • Robin Scott-Elliot

    Robin Scott-Elliot: Scottish born author Robin Scott-Elliot's latest historical fiction novel, Sweet Skies, takes us to post-war Berlin, a c

  • Sarah Todd Taylor

    Sarah Todd Taylor: Join Alice Éclair in her extraordinary spying adventures, A Recipe for Trouble, A Spoonful of Spying an

  • Annabelle Sami

    Annabelle Sami: Annabelle Sami is a writer and performer. She grew up next to the sea on the south coast of th

  • Joshua Seigal

    Joshua Seigal: Joshua Seigal is a poet, performer and workshop leader; Who Let the Words Out is his latest collection. Joshua spends a

  • Helen Peters

    Helen Peters: Helen Peters revisits the past in her new book, Friends and Traitors, set in Britain during WWII. Helen grew up on an old-fashioned farm

  • AM Howell

    AM Howell: A.M. Howell has always been inspired by the stories around her, and how imagination can unlock the secrets of the past. Her new series, M

  • Sufiya Ahmed

    Sufiya Ahmed: Sufiya Ahmed worked in advertising and in the House of Commons before becoming a full-time author. In 2010 she set up the BIBI Foundation

  • Kate Pankhurst

    Kate Pankhurst: Kate Pankhurst, bestselling author and illustrator of the Fantastically Great Women books, introduces her new s

  • Tania Unsworth

    Tania Unsworth: Tania Unsworth's new book, Nowhere Island, explores how four children survive on an island hidden from sight. Tania spent her childhood i

  • Judith Eagle

    Judith Eagle: Judith Eagle introduces her latest historical fiction novel, The Stolen Songbird, about a famous picture and three children caught up in

  • Paige Braddock

    Paige Braddock: Comic creator Paige Braddock introduces her new children's graphic novel, Peanut, Butter and Crackers. Paige is the Chief Creative Office

  •  Hiba Noor Khan

    Hiba Noor Khan: Hiba Noor Khan is a writer and activist based in the north of England. Her academic background

  • Hayley Webster

    Hayley Webster: Hayley Webster writes stories about how people try to make sense of the world around them, when it so often doesn't make sense. Her first

  • James Burks

    James Burks: Animator and graphic novel creator James Burks introduces his action-packed series, Agent 9. James is himself a master of disguise. He's

  • Katherine Rundell

    Katherine Rundell: Katherine Rundell is the million-copy bestselling author of five children's novels and has won the Costa Children's Book

  • Olivia Tuffin

    Olivia Tuffin: Olivia Tuffin lives on an arable farm in Dorset with her farmer husband Clive, two children, and an assortment of ponies, dogs, pet sheep

  • Davina Tijani & Adam Douglas-Bagley

    Davina Tijani & Adam Douglas-Bagley: Davina writes speculative and fantastical stories and her new series, Yomi and the Fury of Ninki Nanka, features Gambian

  • Nick Crumpton & Gavin Scott

    Nick Crumpton & Gavin Scott: Dr Nick Crumpton's new book, Everything You Know About Sharks is Wrong gives us a close-up loo

  • Steven Lenton

    Steven Lenton: Steven Lenton, creator of the Genie and Teeny series for young readers, works from his studio in Brighton, crea

  • Skye McKenna

    Skye McKenna: Look out for witches, goblins and a village with secrets in Hedgewitch, Skye McKenna's magical debut novel, and the foll

  • Andy Shepherd

    Andy Shepherd: Andy Shepherd is a bestselling author of The Boy Who Grew Dragons series, and picture books. She lives near Cambridge with her husband an

  • Katya Balen: The Thames and Tide Club

    Katya Balen: The Thames and Tide Club: Katya read English at university and then completed an MPhil researching the impact of stories on autistic children's behaviour. She has

  • Laura Mucha & Ed Smith

    Laura Mucha & Ed Smith: Laura and Ed are fascinated by the things we humans grow, cook and eat. They also share and enjoy many meals around the

  • Simon Fox

    Simon Fox: Running out of Time is Simon Fox's first novel after 20 years trapped in the dungeon of accountancy.  He is determined to never go back. 

  • M.A. Bennett  (The Butterfly Club series)

    M.A. Bennett (The Butterfly Club series): M.A. Bennett, bestselling author of STAGS, introduces her time-travel adventure series, The Butterfly Club, for middle grade readers.

  • Ross Montgomery

    Ross Montgomery: Ross Montgomery started writing stories as a teenager, when he should have been doing homework, and continued doing so at university. His

  • Francesca Gibbons

    Francesca Gibbons: Francesca Gibbons has been telling tall tales for as long as she can remember. She had the idea for The Shadow Moth when

  • Roland Chambers

    Roland Chambers: Roland Chambers talks to ReadingZone about his new children's book, The Rage of the Sea Witch. Roland is an author and illustrator

  • Andy Sagar

    Andy Sagar: Andy Sagar previously worked as a teaching assistant in a primary school and has just finished studying for a Master's d

  • Skye Melki-Wegner

    Skye Melki-Wegner: Skye Melki-Wegner is a YA and children's fantasy author and dinosaur lover. Over the years, she has worked everywhere from a cinema (wher

  • Kiyash Monsef

    Kiyash Monsef: Kiyash Monsef grew up in northern California in a house on the slope of a forested ravine, with his parents, his Iranian grandmo

  • Alexandra Beever

    Alexandra Beever: DC Alexandra Beever has been a detective with Thames Valley Police for 15 years. Following a science degree at universit

  • MG Leonard

    MG Leonard: MG Leonard's Twitch series takes us into the world of birds and bird watching. She is also the author of bestselling ser

  • Cath Howe

    Cath Howe: Cath Howe's new book, My Life on Fire, follows what happens when a child's home and possessions are destroyed in a house

  • Nizrana Farook

    Nizrana Farook: The Boy Who Saved a Bear is the latest adventure from Nizrana Farook, whose books also include The Girl

  • Misa Sugiura

    Misa Sugiura: Misa Sugiura's ancestors include a poet, a priestess, a samurai, and a stowaway. She writes contemporary young adult and middle grade fic

  • Cath Howe - Call the Puffins

    Cath Howe - Call the Puffins: Cath Howe is well known for exploring the everyday lives of children and her new series for younger children, Call the Puffins, explores

  • Joseph Coelho

    Joseph Coelho: Joseph Coelho is a performance poet, children's author, and the Waterstones Children's Laureate for 2022-2024.  He grew up in a tower blo

  • David Owen

    David Owen: Having worked as a freelance games journalist and taught on a BA Creative Writing course for three years, David Owen's debut novel,

  • : Philip Reeve has been writing stories since he was five years old but Mortal Engines was the first to be published and w

  • Charles Dowding

    Charles Dowding: Charles Dowding is an innovator of no dig, organic growing since 1983, who has built up a large and dedicated following

  • Alice M Ross

    Alice M Ross: Alice M Ross has spent most of her career as a journalist at the Financial Times, where she was most recently Deputy News Editor. She is

  • Ruth Lauren

    Ruth Lauren: Ruth Lauren has been a teacher and worked in lots of different offices, but she likes writing best, as well as walking in the woods, chee

  • Iszi Lawrence

    Iszi Lawrence: Iszi Lawrence is a comedian, podcaster and history presenter and she also writes children's books, including Blackbeard's Treasur

  • Gill Lewis

    Gill Lewis: After realising her childhood dream of becoming a vet, Gill worked in the UK and overseas, everywhere from Africa to the Arctic. L

  • Jarvis

    Jarvis: Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories is author and illustrator Jarvis's first chapter book. His picture books include Alan's Big,

  • Alasdair Beckett-King

    Alasdair Beckett-King : Comedian and writer Alasdair Beckett-King's first book for children is the hilarious murder-mystery Montgomery Bonbon: M

  • Colm Field

    Colm Field: Colm Field gets called 'Colin' a lot. He lives in London with his three kids and his partner. Colm is happiest when he's

  • Brian Conaghan

    Brian Conaghan: Brian Conaghan lives and works in the Scottish town of Coatbridge. He was a teacher for many years and taught in Scotland, Italy and Irel

  • Sinéad O'Hart

    Sinéad O'Hart: Sinéad O'Hart was raised in a small house full of books in the south-east of Ireland. She has a degree in Medieval English and has had ma

  • Pamela Butchart

    Pamela Butchart: As a child, Pamela was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of pets and go to a primary school where lots of spooky and weird things h

  • Leah Mohammed

    Leah Mohammed: Leah Mohammed's debut book for younger readers follows Luma who discovers a young dragon in her garden.  Leah has

  • Catherine Jacob

    Catherine Jacob: The adventures in Catherine Jacob's new series, Puppy Club, were inspired by her family's new puppy. Catherine is a writer, award-

  • Sarah Ann Juckes

    Sarah Ann Juckes: Sarah Ann Juckes writes books for young people.  The Hunt for the Nightingale was her first novel for children, followed by The Night Ani

  • Kirsty Applebaum

    Kirsty Applebaum: Kirsty Applebaum talks to ReadingZone about her new series of books for younger readers, which begins with Princess Minna and the

  • Isabel Thomas

    Isabel Thomas: Isabel Thomas is a science writer and the author of a galaxy of books for young audiences, including Moth: An Evolution

  • Elys Dolan

    Elys Dolan: Rex Dinosaur in Disguise is the brilliantly funny novel for younger readers from Elys Dolan,</s

Your Reviews

  • Monster Support Group: The Mummy's Curse


    Monster Support Group: The Mummy's Curse is the second book in this really super series, Monster Support Group. It would...

  • Code Name Kingfisher


    Code Name Kingfisher is a powerful tale with, sadly, much relevance to the present day. In 1940s Holland, there were tho...

  • Michael Rosen's Sticky McStickstick: The Friend Who Helped Me Walk Again

    Elm Class  Age 6

    We love it! Michael Rosen's Sticky McStickstick is amazing, the children will love it!

  • Nightshade Revenge  (Alex Rider)


    "The simple truth is that Alex Rider has done you nothing but harm. It's time you got him out of your life." Alex rider is back for another mission that w...

  • The Wild Robot Protects (The Wild Robot 3)


    For those of you, like me, who have been waiting with anticipation for the next adventure of Roz, Brightbill, ChitChat and the other animals of the island...

  • Bibi and the Box of Fairy Tales


    Who hasn't made a wish that has failed to come true? Most of us can name at least one! This is exactly how Bibi is feeling. None of Bibi's wishes have eve...

  • Boats!: And Other Things That Float


    Perfect for introducing young readers to the world of boats, Boats! (and other things that float) is an engaging and informative book. Ea...

  • Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera


    Combining poetic language, storytelling and factual information, Honeybee is a delightful read, following the life of a bee from emerging...

  • Izzy the Inventor and the Curse of Doom


    Izzy the Inventor and the Curse of Doom is the second in Zanna Davidson's amazing, laugh-out-loud Izzy the Inventor series. Packed full o...

  • Sunshine Simpson Cooks Up a Storm


    Sunshine Simpson is back again, it’s a new year and a scary year as she and her friends plan for their transition to secondary school, away from the safet...

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Gold Medallist Danielle Brown introduces Girls Rule!

Gold Medallist Danielle Brown introduces Girls Rule!

From fierce pirate leaders, warrior queens and spies, to pioneering mountaineers, conservationists and scientists, meet 50 phenom

SCRAP, the robot K1-NG

SCRAP, the robot K1-NG

Author Guy Bass introduces SCRAP, about one robot who tried to protect the humans on his planet against an army of robots. Now th

The power of Carnival!

The power of Carnival!

The Nottinghill Carnival takes central stage in this story about families, memories and the power of dance and festivals.  Author Yaba Ba


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  • Picture Book

    Create a Picture Book Competition 2023 Winners

    Create a Picture Book Competition 2023 Winners

    How to Make a Picture Book Each spring, ReadingZone challenges those aged four to 18 years to make a picture book for the ReadingZone Picture Book Competition, in partner...

  • Book Trailers

    Make a Book Trailer

    Make a Book Trailer

    Create a Book Trailer Create a book trailer of your favourite book or your latest bookclub read for ReadingZone, and encourage others to read the book!  Or you can use it...

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    Create your own Podcast

    Create your own Podcast

    Bex, a presenter for Fun Kids, has put together a simple guide for us about creating podcasts and gives us some top tips for starting your own podcast.

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    Creating a Book Vlog

    Creating a Book Vlog

    Ever wanted to create your own vlog, but don't know how to get started? In these videos, author and book vlogger Lucy Powrie (lucythereader) gives her tips on getting started, what to inc...