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M.A. Bennett

M.A. Bennett

MA Bennett's S.T.A.G.S. series is currently in production and there are now four books in the series, including the late More...


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Burning Sunlight

Burning Sunlight

Anthea Simmons says Burning Sunlight is "about young climate change activists, about friendship, about being different and about grief an More...


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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

What does a graphic designer do, and how do you become one? James Mobb describes his work in film, where he has d More...


Latest Books & Extracts

  • When Shadows Fall

    After suffering a huge loss, Kai is drawn on to a dangerous path. With the help of those who love him, will he find his way back?

  • Medusa

    A dazzling, feminist retelling of Greek myth from the internationally bestselling author of The Miniaturist, stunningly illustrated by Ol

  • The Haunting of Lindy Pennyworth

    A psychological horror that will grip you from the first page, and haunt you long after you've finished the last. Nobody believes

  • Grown: The Black Girls' Guide to Glowing Up

    Written by best friends and co-founders of the Black Girls' Book Club, GROWN is the ultimate guide to navigating life as a Black teenage

  • Tomorrow Is Beautiful

    Compiled and edited by Sarah Crossan, this gift collection of poems is perfect for anyone who may be struggling to find the right words o

  • Not Here To Be Liked

    Commercial US YA romance with a sharp intersectional feminist edge.

Featured Authors

  • M.A. Bennett

    M.A. Bennett: MA Bennett's S.T.A.G.S. series is currently in production and there are now four books in the series, including the late

  • Bryony Pearce

    Bryony Pearce: Bryony Pearce's new book Cruel Castle (from the Red Eye series) is a slick horror version of an escape room and follows

  • Melvin Burgess

    Melvin Burgess: Melvin Burgess is regarded as one of the best writers in contemporary children's literature, having won the Carnegie Medal and the Guardi

  • Angharad Walker

    Angharad Walker: Angharad Walker's debut children's books, The Ash House, explores a house made of ash and smoke that ha

  • Susin Nielsen

    Susin Nielsen: Susin Nielsen's new book, Tremendous Things, explores the life of a teenaged boy who already feels as if he's a loser.  Nielsen originall

  • Holly Bourne

    Holly Bourne: Holly Bourne is the bestselling author of books including The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting, Am I Normal Yet? and Are We All Lemming

Your Reviews

  • It's Behind You


    If you like a short but scary story, that keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing who did it until the very last pages, then this is the book for...

  • Cruel Castle


    In this sequel to Savage Island, we see Ben, Lizzie and Grady working together to take on the mighty Gold in revenge f...

  • Three Bullets


    The Bloods are in control and they're desperate to turn Britain into the world they want to see: right, white, Christian supremist. Anyone who they call a...

  • The Ash House


    There is a new boy at Ash House. He cannot remember his name, so he is given one, Solitude or Sol for short. He knows he is there because Ash House might...

  • The Five Clues (Don't Doubt The Rainbow 1)


    Murder, mystery, clues to solve, and a brilliant courageous character, what more could you want in a book? In The Five Clues, Edie...

  • Defy the Night


    This wonderful YA author has done it once again in creating a realistic fantasy world with likeable characters. She has given the reader an action packed...

  • The Forevers


    This brilliant YA book bluntly asks the reader: '30 Days Until The End Of The World - What Would You Do?' Despite the short period it covers, the story ca...

  • Feast Your Eyes on Food


    Feast Your Eyes on Food by Laura Gladwin, is a food encyclopaedia of more than 1000 delicious things to eat. This beautiful book stipulat...

  • Wayward Son


    Wayward Son is the second title in the Simon Snow series. This is where the main characters get their 'happy ever after' after the trauma...

  • Phoenix Flame


    Phoenix Flame is a solid sequel to Haven Fall, which is full of action from the get go as it picks up almost straight after the end of th...

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Writing about the 'dark side'

Writing about the 'dark side'

Look out for zombies (naturally), hell hounds and the occasional talking pet in this fast-paced and wit-sharp story about teenage

Meet the Outlaws, Scarlett & Browne

Meet the Outlaws, Scarlett & Browne

The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne (Walker Books) is the start of a gripping new series by Jonathan Stroud.

The Gilded Ones is a powerful novel about gender and power.

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  • Picture Book

    Create a Picture Book

    Create a Picture Book

    The winners of the ReadingZone Create a Picture Book Competition have been announced! Mini Grey, the author and illustrator of Traction Man is Here and The Last Wolf, has...

  • Book Trailers

    Make a Book Trailer

    Make a Book Trailer

    Vega Jane Book Trailer Create a book trailer for ReadingZone, introducing Vega Jane and the Secrets of Sorcery, and encourage others to read the book!</p...

  • Videos & Vlogs

    Creating a Book Vlog

    Creating a Book Vlog

    Ever wanted to create your own vlog, but don't know how to get started? In these videos, author and book vlogger Lucy Powrie (lucythereader) gives her tips on getting started, what to inc...