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The Greatest Show on Earth
Mini Grey

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Award-winning author and illustrator Mini Grey has had many careers including working in theatre design, teaching and even a spot of video animation but she loves writing and illustrating books the most. Her first book was Egg Drop, followed by a wide variety of picture books including The Last Wolf, Biscuit Bear, The Pea and the Princess, The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon, and Traction Man. Her latest book is a non-fiction narrative about life on Earth, The Greatest Show on Earth.



Discover The Greatest Show on Earth, an eye-catching non-fiction narrative for young readers about life on Earth during the past 4.6 billion years, by acclaimed author & illustrator Mini Grey.  From the moment Earth was born, through the arrival of bacteria and the era of dinosaurs, learn about Earth's key moments, discover all the creatures and changes that came before humans arrived on Earth, and find out just how short a time humans have shared the planet with them!

The Greatest Show on Earth helps young children understand the story of life on Earth, including a time-line and clear explanations for how different life forms developed.  It is presented as a 'shoebox theatre' with insects providing the engaging narrative, and giving plenty of scope for homes and classrooms to create their own shoebox display of Earth's history as they learn how its story has unfolded.

Author and illustrator Mini Grey introduces The Greatest Show on Earth, and we share some of the incredible spreads from the book:

Let the Performance Begin!

 Some Key Moments in the Performance - The Story of Life on Earth

And discover what comes next....! 

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