A Hugh Dunnit Mystery: Taking Shelter

A Hugh Dunnit Mystery: Taking Shelter

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Guy Bass, Lee Cosgrove


Funny Stories

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Andersen Press




Paperback / softback




Hugh Dunnit may be a schoolboy, but that doesn't stop him from cracking the toughest cases. Like the case of the shredded maths homework. Sure, lesser minds might collar Hugh's new dog, Shelter. But Hugh knows there's more to sniff out. Working through the suspects, Hugh digs up a bigger mystery: just where does Shelter come from?  A brilliantly funny detective story with comic-book art throughout by Lee Cosgrove.



A Hugh Dunnit Mystery: Taking Shelter is a hilarious new detective story by Guy Bass. This book is funny to its core and incorporates comic spreads to give the story an extra edge.

Hugh Dunnit is no ordinary schoolboy, his alter ego is crime-fighting detective who takes on the toughest cases!   When returning from school one day, Hugh comes across an abandoned dog and decides to take it home and give it a new life. Hugh becomes very attached to the dog and tries to protect it at every opportunity. So when Hugh's next big case arises - the case of the shredded homework - naturally his parents blame his dog, but Hugh knows differently and instead seeks suspects who he can prove have motives to commit the crime.  Whilst unravelling the mystery of the shredded homework, Hugh ultimately discovers that his dog is part of a bigger mystery and must be brave when faced with a difficult decision.

This book will make any reader laugh, its humour is embedded throughout the story and Hugh Dunnit is a character of quirkiness and wit. How he sees the world is literal and this adds to the humour in the situations that are created through the story.

Children will love how the story slips into a comic strip, illustrated by Lee Cosgrove. Lee has managed to emphasis the funny side of being a detective through the comic strip, which gives the character of Hugh Dunnit depth.

Children in KS2 will be thoroughly entertained by this brilliant book!

80 pages / Reviewed by Hayley Summerfield, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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