A Taste of Darkness

A Taste of Darkness

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A chilling, thrilling collection of 13 haunting tales. Perfect for every YA reader! From supernatural thrillers to contemporary horror, creepy ancient legends to murders gone wrong - this insatiable anthology is impossible to put down, and even more difficult to forget. From some of the most celebrated authors writing in this space, this must-have collection will keep you awake at night and inhabit your darkest dreams.

Stories from bestselling authors Melinda Salisbury, Cynthia Murphy, Kathryn Foxfield and Louie Stowell (and many more). Co-curated by Amy McCaw and Mia Kuzniar, this anthology has a story for every reader out there. Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, Wednesday, and all things scary! Featuring stories from: Amy McCaw, Maria Kuzniar, Kat Dunn, Kat Ellis, Rachel Faturoti, Kathryn Foxfield, Dawn Kurtagich, Amy McCulloch, Cynthia Murphy, Melinda Salisbury, Louie Stowell, Rosie Talbot, Mary Watson.



A Taste of Darkness is a collection of haunting short stories that any young adult reader who likes a tale of horror will enjoy. The book contains 13 tales containing the supernatural including but not limited to vampires, werewolves, haunted houses, murders and many more.

I really enjoyed the different tales and could read one and easily come back to continue although I did find it hard to put down once I started. The authors keep you captivated and have all of the customary twists to keep you guessing. A book ideal for those who may struggle with the longer stories or chapter books.

448 pages / Reviewed by Emelia Helliwell, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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