ABC Bedtime

ABC Bedtime

By Author / Illustrator

Erica Harrison


Baby & Toddler Books


Walter Foster Jr.




Board book




All bedtime routines look a little different, but whether we are big or small, we all have a bedtime. Some people give hugs and kisses, and others will sing lullabies or read a story. Some people will wish on a star, and others will do deep breathing to wind down. Pairing aspects of various bedtime routines with each letter of the alphabet, ABC Bedtime is a sweet read for both caregiver and child. This book is not only perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs, but also for encouraging them to acknowledge that it's bedtime, get ready, and calm down their bodies and minds before going to bed. The book begins at A with the feeling of being wide awake and active, but after going through the calming A-to-Z bedtime routine, it ends at Z with being sound asleep and catching those ZZZs.



ABC Bedtime is a bedtime routine support book for parents cleverly hidden in a sweet and calming bedtime story for children. In fact, there are sleeping tips for all ages to benefit from! As we see on the cover, these suggestions really can help anyone to fall asleep - even our pets!

When cosying up to read this book at bedtime, we were already enjoying a starry conversation as we enjoyed the constellations on the cover which form the 'ABC' title. I particularly like the play on words as we are reassured we will gently fall asleep with this 'A-Zzz' book. It's a really nice touch having a male role model reading the bedtime story on the front cover. I also appreciate the inclusivity and diversity of the illustrations throughout.

This is something the 'ABC for Me' series do so well at as they prioritise promoting emotional well-being. We discover many ideas to help us drift off to sleep, for example, closing our eyes and taking slow deep breaths. What I really like is the use of the word 'some'. It is not expected that we must do all that this book suggests. Erica Harrison recognises that every family is different and that each family have their own ways. We don't all have to 'hug' and 'kiss' at bedtime, for example. There are even strategies which children can do on their own, for example, thinking about tomorrow.

This book provides us with tools to work with children to select favourable techniques to form part of their bedtime routine. If you have children who are reluctant sleepers, this book could improve your evenings! It puts a positive spin on the need for sleep, for example, to give us energy for tomorrow to help us to have fun. I challenge you and your child to read through this therapeutic book without feeling sleepy as you approach the end.

Picture Book / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney 

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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