Adventure Island: The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost: Book 2

Adventure Island: The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost: Book 2

By Author / Illustrator

Helen Moss, Leo Hartas



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Hachette Children's Group




Paperback / softback




When Scott , Jack and Emily hear that a film is being made at the nearby manor house they can't resist going to watch. But when the glamorous star of the film vanishes the friends realize they have a new mystery to solve!

Has the star been kidnapped by a crazed fan? Could she have run off with her boyfriend? Or did she venture into the manor's attic at midnight and fall foul of the legendary ghost that haunts the old house?

The second gripping mystery in this exciting new adventure series!



On first glance at the front cover of this book I was reminded of the Enid Blyton 'Adventure Series', much enjoyed in my youth. In true Blyton tradition a group of children and their dog try to solve The Mystery of the Midnight Ghost, the second book in the Adventure Island Mysteries by Helen Moss. However the similarity to Blyton ends there. This book is an up-to-date adventure story with no lashings of ginger beer and chocolate but with contemporary references including David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and BMX bikes, which are all familiar to 21st century readers. An exciting adventure movie is being filmed at Pendragon Manor in the village of Castle Key, Cornwall, and the young friends can't resist going to watch. When the glamorous star of the film, Savannah Shaw, vanishes the children are caught up in the mystery of Operation Lost Star. Was Savannah kidnapped by a crazed fan or was she a victim of the legendary ghost that haunts the Manor? Was her disappearance connected to her 'romantic involvement' with her co-star Brett diBlanco or with ex-SAS commando Max Fordham? The characters are well developed and the main characters are warm, likable children. The 'celebrity' life of the modern day film star is also realistically portrayed. This exciting story moves along at a fast pace with the reader's attention being held captive to the very end. For all boys and girls who enjoyed this story, a special preview chapter of the next book in the series, is also included. (176 pages). Age: 9 + years

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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