Alice Jones: The Ghost Light

Alice Jones: The Ghost Light

By Author / Illustrator

Sarah Rubin



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Chicken House Ltd




Paperback / softback




Old refurbished theatre, the Beryl, is re-opening. Days before opening night, the ghost light - left on at night to appease the ghosts of actors - is extinguished. Alice digs into the Beryl's past, sleuthing in a network of dark backstage corridors and cobwebby storage rooms. Gradually, she starts to uncover the hundred-year-old secret of the theatre: a stolen diamond. Is the Beryl haunted by a ghost - or a living thief?



Alice is back to solve another mystery - this time in the theatre her sister is performing in. Spending the summer helping her mother and sister at the Beryl Theatre isn't Alice's first choice of things to do - there's a copy of Fermat's Last Theorum that needs reading for a start. But things start to get interesting as odd accidents happen and there is talk of a ghost haunting the show. Ever logical Alice doesn't believe in such things and, with the aid of Kevin, sets out to solve the case. As she investigates, Alice finds out more about another unsolved mystery connected with the theatre - the missing diamond - The Midnight Star. But is it a ghost or someone living that is causing the problems at the Beryl? Every bit as enjoyable as the first book, The Ghost Light offers mystery, excitement and adventure. Alice continues to be a great heroine - intelligent and individual - leaping into action when the need arises. Using logic and clean thinking, she works her way through the clues and the evidence until she reaches the final conclusion - taking the reader with her every step of the way. Alice makes an excellent 'role model' for girls - she is independent, has her own interests and faces her fears - but this is not a book 'for girls'. The plot and characters are strong and engaging, appealing to everyone. Kevin, Alice's friend, continues to charm his way across the pages and I really like the fact that very different characters are shown to be such good friends. You don't have to have read the first Alice Jones book (The Impossible Clue) to enjoy this one, but you'll want to by the time you have finished The Ghost Light. I can't wait to see what Alice gets up to next! 352 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Sue Wilsher, teacher.

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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