Amazing Islands: 100+ Places That Will Boggle Your Mind

Amazing Islands: 100+ Places That Will Boggle Your Mind

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Sabrina Weiss, Kerry Hyndman


Non Fiction

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What on Earth Publishing Ltd








Discover 100 of the planet's most magical islands - their wildlife, trees, diversity, people, treasures, and more - in this beautifully illustrated book. From islands that have been taken over by animals to disappearing islands, islands made of shells, artificial islands, and even islands that were once prison colonies, Amazing Islands is a whirlwind tour of some of the smallest land masses in the world.

Discover the Galapagos islands, home of giant tortoises, penguins, boobies of all colours. Or visit Jiangxin Park in China, a natural island with an awe-inspiring, giant bookshop. Islands can be home to giant cities, colonies of cats or crabs; they have been hideouts for pirates and have given rise to astonishing scientific discoveries. Amazing Islands celebrates island life in all its extraordinary diversity.



Amazing Island: 100+ Places That Will Boggle Your Mind is a celebration of all the islands around the world covering the extremes, the animals and the environment of these unique places. A stunning non fiction text, this book would sit nicely on any Key Stage 2 bookshelf.

Author Sabrina Weiss leads the reader on a round-the-world trip of the biggest, smallest, least populated and disappearing islands. The author has clearly researched the various islands of planet Earth and divided them into groups. Islands such as Cuba, the Galapagos and Hong Kong get their own pages. These are an excellent study and the reader can find out unique and interesting facts about each place.

There is enough geographical content that this text could be used as a teaching text. The formation of islands is covered as is the mystery of disappearing islands. The author also clearly explains the artificial islands that have been build around the world to host additional structures in built up places.

This is a highly visual text, perfectly illustrated by Kerry Hyndman. The pictures draw in the reader and enhance the text further. The flaps that lift out to extend the world map are an excellent addition.

This is an interesting text with super facts and great illustrations. It would make an excellent addition to any library and would be an excellent study book as well as a great text for pleasure. A fabulous trip all around the world exploring some of the greatest islands!

64 pages / Ages 8+ / Reviewed by Bryony Davies, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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