Cross My Heart and Never Lie

Cross My Heart and Never Lie

By Author / Illustrator

Nora Dasnes


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Tuva is starting seventh grade, and her checklist of goals includes: writing a diary, getting a cool look, building the best fort in the woods with her BFFs, and sharing EVERYTHING with her best friends. But when she starts school, nothing is how she hoped it would be.

Seventh grade has split her friends into rival factions: Team Linnea and the girls who fall in love and Team Bao and the girls who are still playing. Linnea has a boyfriend, Bao hates everything related to feelings. Worst of all, Tuva is expected to choose a side!

Then Mariam shows up and suddenly things begin to make a little more sense. But with all her friends fighting, this is one part of growing up that Tuva isn't quite sure how to share . . .

A gorgeous full-colour coming-of-age novel, perfect for fans of Judy Blume's Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, Katie Kirby's The Mega Complicated Crushes of Lottie Brooks and The Babysitters Club graphic novels.  'Reading this was like a warm hug' - Alice Oseman

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A delightful hand-lettered account of first love, and the trials and tribulations of pre-teen friendships. Cross My Heart and Never Lie by Nora Dåsnes (translated from the Norwegian by Matt Bagguley) tells the story of Tuva as she starts seventh grade, with high hopes for the new school year.

Tuva wants to have the have the best year ever; she’s looking forward to experiencing lots of new things as a teenager, while still enjoying some of the things that she did with her friends before the summer break. She soon finds herself caught between two rival friendship groups, as one of her old friends returns to school with a boyfriend and the other is still happy playing the same games they’ve always played. Tuva tries hard to keep everyone happy, although she's unsure what she really wants, at least that is until a new girl, Miriam shows up.

Miriam is super confident and she’s happy to do exactly what she wants. Tuva begins to think that she has met her soulmate, but she is unsure of how to cope with her feelings.

This is a lovely book, beautifully presented and undoubtedly a favourite for readers aged 10+.

256 pages / Reviewed by Sam, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 9+


A heart-warming graphic novel, translated to English from Norwegian by Matt Bagguley. Perfect for girls on the cusp of becoming a teenager and navigating changing friendship circles and social media drama.

Told in diary form, Cross My Heart and Never Lie captures teenage angst and confusion perfectly. Tufa has just started seventh grade and her friendship group has divided into those that are interested in falling in love and those that are more innocent and prefer to make dens in the woods. She has two best friends; Linnea, who has just got a boyfriend, and Bao who is anti-romance. Tufa feels stuck between the two and just wishes they could all be friends together. She is intrigued by the idea of becoming a cool teenager and is looking for help to become one.

The author captures perfectly the fear of missing out and not being included, together with the secrets that you aren't a party to. The day when all of Tuva's friends appeared to have deserted her and she spent her break hiding in the toilet is heartbreakingly true to school life for some.

This story is very sensitively written as Tuva realises that she may have a crush on another girl. It very gently touches upon finding your identity and coming out as a lesbian to your parent or friendship group and being accepted for who you are.

Cross My Heart and Never Lie is beautifully written and illustrated. Perfect for fans of Heartstopper and aimed at pre-teens.

256 pages / Reviewed by Clair Bossons, school librarian

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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