Diary of a Christmas Elf: Christmas magic delivered with the top-ten bestseller!

Diary of a Christmas Elf: Christmas magic delivered with the top-ten bestseller!

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Ben Miller



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Simon & Schuster Ltd








Christmas magic, delivered! The top-ten bestseller and must-have festive gift, discover the joy of gift-giving in this hilarious Christmas caper from bestselling author, Ben Miller.

All Tog wants to do is work in Santa's workshop and one wonderful day, the letter from Santa arrives: Tog has been selected as an apprentice elf! Making toys is a lot more technical and a lot less fun than Tog had imagined, and even though his new friend Holly tries to help him, he's quickly relegated to cleaning out the reindeer stables. But someone has been stealing the presents from the workshop and a case of mistaken identity finds Tog accused of being the culprit! Can Tog use his special Christmas magic to discover the real thief and save all the presents before Christmas Eve is over?

A funny and heartwarming story from the King of Christmas, Ben Miller - the perfectly sized stocking filler for all the family!



Diary of a Christmas Elf is a charmingly hilarious story of Tog, an apprentice elf. Being selected by Santa isn't quite what Tog had dreamed of and it doesn't take long before he is relegated to cleaning out the reindeer stables. Tog finds himself being accused of a terrible Christmas crime and embarks on an adventure to discover the true culprit of the stolen Christmas presents.

This book is perfect for 8+ readers who want to discover the true meaning of gift giving. It is a relatively simple read which could be devoured in a few sittings, perfect for in between the many Christmas events families have planned at a busy time of year. The book has been on my nightstand as I have been reading it this week and my 9 year old daughter is desperate to read it next!

This would be a great text to model diary writing in school. There are not many truly engaging children's stories written in the format of a diary and could really capture children's attention for a writing unit.

208 pages / Ages 8+ / Reviewed by Lisa Watkins, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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