Everyday Action, Everyday Change: Stay Positive and Motivated in the Fight Against Racism and Prejudice

Everyday Action, Everyday Change: Stay Positive and Motivated in the Fight Against Racism and Prejudice

By Author / Illustrator

Natalie Evans, Naomi Evans, Kelly Malka


Representation & Inclusion

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Hachette Children's Group




Paperback / softback




Making changes that help make the world a fairer place can feel overwhelming.  Where do you even start? Well . . . Small actions really can make a big difference!

In this inspiring guide, changemakers, sisters and founders of Everyday Racism, Natalie and Naomi Evans, give readers empowering advice for dealing with the issues we see, hear about and face every day, from racism and sexism to homophobia and ableism, providing you with achievable everyday actions to create change!

Tips for practising positive everyday mindsets and self-care before things get stressful make this a go-to book for feeling informed, positive and motivated, too.  'Join us on our journey to creating sustainable change, one small step at a time.'  Natalie and Naomi


Giselle - Age 11

I like this book because it is very informative and spreads awareness about important things in life like racism and disabilities, which are very crucial things that needs to be known more about. I also need to bring up the character illustrations because they are AMAZING! Overall i give this book a 4/5 because this isn't my favourite type of book but I think this book would be perfect for people who like factual books.

Suggested Reading Age 11+

Austinas - Age 10

I like how the authors take you back to when they were children and give you information about what happened, I also like how they take up only a few words on one page, but my most liking is that they build us courage to try change the world of racism. It also highlights the racism that's going on every day, maybe even every minute.

Suggested Reading Age 9+

Malcolm - Age 10

I really enjoy reading this book a lot because it helps you learn about what is going on, such as discrimination and about your actions towards other people. This novel also helps you understand that some people with disabilities can't do what people without disabilities can do.  This book can also make you feel positive and motivated in your everyday life. 

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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