Fire Colour One

Fire Colour One

By Author / Illustrator

Jenny Valentine


Family & Home

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HarperCollins Publishers




Paperback / softback




A bold and brilliant novel about love, lies and redemption, from award-winning author, Jenny Valentine - one of the greatest YA voices of her generation.

Iris's father, Ernest, is at the end of his life and she hasn't even met him. Her best friend, Thurston, is somewhere on the other side of the world. Everything she thought she knew is up in flames.

Now her mother has declared war and means to get her hands on Ernest's priceless art collection. But Ernest has other ideas. There are things he wants Iris to know after he's gone. And the truth has more than one way of coming to light.



I didn't really expect too much from this book. I thought it would be quite a light read but I ended up enjoying it.

Iris has grown up thinking that her father, Ernest, abandoned her and her mother; the truth is something quite different. When Iris and her money-grabbing mother return to England, along with her mother's wannabee actor partner, Iris has the opportunity to get to know her dying father properly and realise the truth.

The ending is clever, when Ernest ensures that Iris is left with something to remember him by.

256 pages / Reviewed by Amanda Allen, school librarian.

Suggested Reading Age 11+


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