Group Hug

Group Hug

By Author / Illustrator

Jean Reidy, Joey Chou


Representation & Inclusion

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Scallywag Press




Paperback / softback




What do we all need when we're feeling down? yes, that's right, a group hug! A slug is the unlikely hero of this feel-good tale: "You need a hug? I have one," said Slug, "to keep your heart snug!" More and more sad-looking animals arrive, and one by one slug persuades each to join the group hug until a scary looking bear turns up. But who will be brave enough to hug bear?  A wonderful read-aloud book with irresistible rhyme, vibrant nature scenes and huggable animals.



When Slug comes across a lonely beetle, he knows just what to do. He gives him a big hug -- and then the two friends decide to pass it along. They meet Mouse, who's down in the dumps, Skunk, who's a bit smelly, and more and more animals, until their group hug stretches wide and tall. But when Bear comes along, will there be enough hug to share?

This delightful picture book encourages kindness and goes to show that a hugger finds happiness alongside the hugged! The children in Reception and KS1 were naturally drawn to the simplicity of this book and enjoyed being able to join in with the repeated refrain of the title and the rhyming pattern. The clear message about inclusivity and kindness has been perfect for our assembly to mark the introduction of Anti Bully Week 2021 with its theme - 'One Kind Word.' Another great addition to our library.

Picture book / Reviewed by Samantha Hughes, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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