History Atlas

History Atlas

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Thiago de Moraes


Non Fiction

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Prepare to embark on a global tour through time. You might want to take a map... But this is no ordinary atlas. The maps in History Atlas are rich visual extravaganzas, packed with kings, queens, heroes, villains, inventors, artists and explorers. Travel from Ancient Egypt and Rome to Ethiopia, Russia and China, and meet movers and shakers of world history from Genghis Khan to Martin Luther King. With quirky facts, astonishing characters, humorous details and compelling stories, this is history at its most entertaining.



Covering 15 civilisations, The History Atlas takes you on a light-hearted but fact-packed tour of the world. Visually stunning, it is instantly engaging, sure to delight even the most hardened history hater.

The author's introduction sets a chatty tone, reminding the reader to have fun, and it's hard not to as there is plenty of humour mingled with the information. Each section has an introduction which locates the civilisation in place and time; a map which introduces key figures and 'story' pages which include related myths and legends as well as facts.

The information is presented in easily digestible chunks, perfect for dipping in and out of and for leading to further investigation. The section on European Exploration recognises those who fought against the invading Europeans, introducing personalities like Zumbi of Palmares and Lakshmibai, Queen of the state of Jhansi, as well as the devastating effects of the transatlantic slave trade. The machinations of the Tang dynasty make fascinating reading, as do the achievements of the Ottomans - I must find out more about Kosem Sultan!

Full of humorous illustrations, History Atlas would make a fabulous gift, perfect for encouraging exploration of the past and a glimpse of the present. Learn without realising!

96 pages / Reviewed by Susan Wilsher, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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