House of Hollow: The haunting New York Times bestseller

House of Hollow: The haunting New York Times bestseller

By Author / Illustrator

Krystal Sutherland


Suspense & Thrillers

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Hot Key Books




Paperback / softback




The Hollow sisters - Vivi, Grey and Iris - are as seductively glamorous as they are mysterious. They have black eyes and hair as white as milk. The Hollow sisters don't have friends - they don't need them. They move through the corridors like sharks, the other little fish parting around them, whispering behind their backs.

And everyone knows who the Hollow sisters are. Because one day the three Hollow sisters simply disappeared. And when they came back, one month later, with no memory of where they had been, it was as if nothing had changed. Almost nothing. Apart from, for example, the little scar that had appeared in the hollow of their throats ... and a whispering sense that something is not quite right about them, despite (or maybe because of) the terrible passion to be with them that they can exert on anybody at will...

A thrilling, twisting, novel that is as seductive and glamorous as the Hollow sisters themselves....

'A gorgeous, grisly modern fairy tale.'  The Guardian.   'Dark and delicious. House of Hollow hums with malice and mystery. I devoured it whole.'  Kiran Millwood Hargrave.  Shortlisted for the YA Book Prize 2022.

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