I Don't Want to Be Quiet!

I Don't Want to Be Quiet!

By Author / Illustrator

Laura Ellen Anderson


Personal Growth

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC




Paperback / softback





This book features an exuberant girl who loves to express herself and make her voice heard. The story takes us through various scenarios in her life where her enthusiasm, usually expressed noisily, is not appreciated. Her baby brother's nap is disturbed by the sounds of her creative playing and her teacher does not approve of her classroom chats. But, this lively character just hates being quiet, and, through a series of animated illustrations, we see her stomping downstairs, playing the spoons at breakfast, popping balloons and even burping! A visit to the library is just too quiet to bear. At the top of her voice, she bellows her displeasure at being in such a boring place. The response is a collective shushing from all the other people in the library.

This proves to be the turning point when, out of embarrassment, she picks up a book for a quick read. At once, she is transported to an imaginative world and does not make a sound for hours as she becomes fully absorbed in her reading. Transformed, she finds a new appreciation of the everyday sounds around her and even becomes more attentive in her lessons. Luckily, she still finds opportunities to express her cheerful high-spiritedness and the final picture shows her and her Mum joyfully playing their guitars.

I suppose the lesson to be learned is that, to get along, we have to learn to be sensitive to others. Additionally, it's important to know the appropriate times and places for noisiness and quiet.

It is great that books were featured as a positive influence in the story, and that the visit to the library was such a turning point. Though libraries do not usually require silence to be maintained by their younger members nowadays.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Judith Greenall, librarian

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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