In Every House, on Every Street

In Every House, on Every Street

By Author / Illustrator

Jess Hitchman, Lili la Baleine



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Little Tiger Press Group








In every house, on every street . . . there is laughter
and tears. There are friends. There is family. And there is love.

A heartwarming celebration of homes . . .
and all the families that make them.



Jess Hitchman has created a truly heart warming and feel good text that will make any reader feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Based around a typical four walled house on a street full of them with wonky old bricks and wobbly floors, the text allows us inside to reveal that it takes more than just material to build a home. Written from the viewpoint of the one of the children who live in the house, we learn that each room is more than it appears. For example, the lounge is not just a place to chat or rest but actually the setting of many happy memories of singing, dancing and sharing. Through the poetic word choices and beautiful illustrations, you can feel the love and happiness the characters share for one another. It is a remarkable achievement for a text based on purely fictional characters, to make such an emotional connection with the reader. The final double page fold out is minimal in its word choice but speaks volumes in the illustrations used. It allows for real discussions to form around the other homes on the street and ends with the question 'I wonder if our house is rather like yours?' As a teacher, I would happily share this book with any colleague working in both EYFS and KS1. It provided plenty of discussion opportunities and even opened up some discussions about vocabulary choices. Knowing my children, I did have to think carefully about this text as it offers an insight into a idealistic perception of a happy family, something not all children are part of or will have experiences so be mindful of the children you are reading this to. Overall, a lovely read and one I very much enjoyed. 24 pages / Ages 3 - 6 years / Reviewed by Kyle Matravers, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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