Invented by Animals: Meet the creatures who inspired our everyday technology

Invented by Animals: Meet the creatures who inspired our everyday technology

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Christiane Dorion, Gosia Herba


Non Fiction

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Often human scientists try and solve a problem or invent a new tool and they realise that animals have already invented it for them. In this book you will meet the animal inventors who have shared their super inventing powers to make amazing things for humans.

We have invented ways of solving problems, making unbelievable materials, ways of getting around and working out how to survive on our own for millions of years. Sometimes when a human inventor gets stuck, they come to the animal kingdom to see if we can help them out. In this book you will meet the creme de la creme of animal innovators who have created or are in the process of inventing things that people use every day.  Meet the shark who invented a pair of swimming shorts so fast, they were banned from the Olympic games. And meet the snail who has invented a house that stays cool inside even in the desert.



Invented by Animals is a very interesting read looking at how animals have inspired scientists and inventors when creating new technology. This book looks at over 30 different animals, ranging from sharks and how they have inspired high-tech swimsuits to eagles and their impressive eyesight.

The illustrations in this book are brilliant, they help to inform the reader but are also fun and eye-catching. This book focuses on how much there is to learn from animals which could lead to interesting discussions about respecting animals and the planet.

Whilst reading this book I found it hard to understand the order of the paragraphs. This is due to the text being dotted around the pages. Because of this, the book would not be well suited to a whole class text. However, it would be great as an independent read.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, it is filled with very interesting facts and charming illustrations which made it a fun and fascinating read.

80 Pages / Reviewed by Megan Webb

Suggested Reading Age 7+


Invented by Animals looks at over 30 different animals in detail and how they have influenced scientists and inventors to create new technology. Ranging from sharks and their skin inspiring high-tech swimsuits which were banned after the 2000 Olympics, to eagles and their impressive eyesight inspiring miniature cameras. The illustrations are wonderful and help to inform the reader while also being charming!

The main theme of the book is to share how wonderful animals are and how much we can learn from them. This book could lead to many discussions around how we as humans should respect animals and wildlife. The book was enjoyable and a fun read, however, the facts were randomly placed on the page so I sometimes struggled to understand in which order the paragraphs needed to be read. Due to this, the book would work better as an independent-read rather than whole class read.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this interesting book which is packed full of facts. I am sure many children would enjoy picking up Invented by Animals again and again.

80 pages / Reviewed by Megan Webb, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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