Jane Foster's Baby's First Stories: 0-3 months: Look and Listen with Baby

Jane Foster's Baby's First Stories: 0-3 months: Look and Listen with Baby

By Author / Illustrator

Jane Foster, Lily Murray


Baby & Toddler Books


Templar Publishing




Board book




It's never too early to start reading to your baby.  Baby's First Stories presents a unique blend of read-aloud stories and high-contrast visuals to stimulate baby as you read. With four stories, featuring an adorable elephant, panda, whale and bunny.

This first book in the series is full of rhythmic language and gentle rhymes, tailored to soothe the very youngest babies. Jane Foster's bold artwork uses a limited palette of black and white to hold baby's gaze. Neither too long, nor too short, these stories easily fit into baby's daily routine, to make reading together a regular activity all the family can enjoy.

When your little one is ready to move on, try the next book in the series: Baby's First Stories - 3-6 months. Each story collection has been created in consultation with early years experts to perfectly suit your baby's needs at every stage in their first year. Beautifully illustrated by award-winning textile designer Jane Foster, and written by picture book rising-star, Lily Murray.



This book is a hardback book for babies aged 0-3 months. Experts believe that babies see in black, white and grey during the first four months of their life and the illustrations in this book have been created in these colours only. The pictures are really bold and clear with repeating patterns and very cute! They would certainly be appealing to this age group.

The book is called 'Baby’s First Stories' but it is written and set out as poems. Each poem is about a different animal - an elephant, panda, whale and a bunny. This is a lovely, gentle, simple, soothing book that would be fun to read with your baby.

Board book / Reviewed by Catherine Kus

Suggested Reading Age 0+


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