Let's Read: Forest Fun

Let's Read: Forest Fun

By Author / Illustrator

Zoe Clarke



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QED Publishing




Paperback / softback




A series of fiction and non-fiction books introducing key social, emotional and academic skills to help prepare children for Reception and support their journey through Early Years, KS1 and beyond. The books in this series will cover topics that children of today can relate to, encouraging an interest in the world around the child and supporting familiarisation of specific subjects.



Every school would benefit from having a range of these books! We have just read QED's three new non-fiction children's books. It is not often you come across an accessible non-fiction book that a 4-5-year-old can read independently without losing interest. Thank you, QED! QED, the publisher, works with acclaimed authors and consultants to create appealing books for children in both non-fiction and fiction formats. The non-fiction books that I have read all span 24 pages on a paperback book. Each one has a book banding on the back page (4-5 = RED/YELLOW). Furthermore, pages 20-24 contain really fun and engaging comprehension activities such as match the picture to the word, clap the phonemes, look back at a page and find the xxx activities, some word jumbles (don't worry, the answers are provided) and some extended activities to do at home. What's more, on page 24 there is a lovely note to parents and teachers with some nice, non-condescending tips on how to use the book and how best to support your child on their reading journey. We have just read: Wheels by Katie Woolley, This Little Bird by Sasha Morton and Forest Fun by Zoe Clarke. For my five-year-old boy, surprisingly, Wheels was not his favourite, instead that accolade went to Forest Fun. He enjoyed how he could relate to each of the pictures on the page. He loves a good forest walk and tree climbing. These books would be absolutely fabulous in a school as part of a book scheme. A lot of children get super engaged when reading non-fiction and these books, with real photos, accessible literature, and engaging activities, might provide the catalyst for promoting a real love of reading. I would recommend them for HA pre-school children, EYFS and some KS1 children too. Well done QED. 24 pages / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by James Hewish, teacher

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