Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Refugees

Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Refugees

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Katie Daynes, Ashe de Sousa, Oksana Drachkovska


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Usborne Publishing Ltd




Board book




With simple, direct questions, thoughtful, compassionate answers and stunning illustrations by the Ukrainian artist Oksana Drachkovska, this book explores what it really means to be a refugee. Written with advice from the Refugee Council and drawing on conversations with refugees and aid workers from around the world, the questions cover all stages of a refugee's journey, from fleeing danger and embarking on hazardous journeys, to seeking asylum and struggling to find a new place to call home. The language and scenes have been carefully considered to be appropriate for younger children, providing an extremely useful educational tool for families and schools.


Sharon - Age 11

In Questions and Answers about Refugees, every single page has lots of questions with the answers underneath the flap. I learned so much just from the first six pages! We have been studying journeys in our geography lessons this term. I'd highly recommend this for anyone aged nine plus simply for understanding the things we see on the news more. Sometimes I feel that the news doesn't always tell us about the humans in the refugee crisis that they report on.

Reviewed by S aged 11

Suggested Reading Age 9+


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