Lola and Larch Fix a Fairy Forest

Lola and Larch Fix a Fairy Forest

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Sinead O'Hart, Rachel Seago



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Nosy Crow




Paperback / softback




Lola can't believe her luck - the rabbit she's rescued is actually a fairy in disguise. Now she has her very own fairy! There's just one problem. Larch, the rebellious fairy she's rescued, is convinced that Lola is her human...

But while Larch and Lola discuss the merits of snail slime for breakfast and try to decide who should be in charge, there's a bad fairy on the loose. Evil Euphorbia Spurge wants magic, and Larch is full of it. Soon it's a battle of wits, wands and fairy wings as the new friends take on the wildest fairy in the woods...

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Lola and Larch is a heart-warming, funny celebration of friendship. It's the perfect series for 7+ readers who like fairies, magic, and very naughty rabbits!

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Natalie J

Lola and Larch Fix a Fairy Forest is the first book in a new series with further titles announced for publication later this year. This engaging, humorous chapter book is a lovely read and I look forward to these new installments.

Lola's mum runs an animal sanctuary so when they encounter a stray rabbit; they take it to look after, but this is no ordinary bunny. Lola discovers that it is actually a fairy called Larch. Larch has a rare magical ability; a glamour which enables her to transform from fairy to rabbit form. Not only this, but she is in danger and is desperate to get back to her fairy home to warn the others about what the evil fairy Euphorbia Spurge is planning... Is Lola able to help her stay safe from Euphorbia, return home, and keep her secret?

The descriptions of Larch's glamour malfunctioning, meaning that she becomes simultaneously part fairy and part rabbit, are funny, as are the conversations Lola and Larch have about their lives such as how they both enjoy spelling classes (which of course mean different things to each of them). The recognition at the end by Larch's fellow fairies that being different isn't so bad after all and should be celebrated is heartwarming and not didactic. This magical quest is a sweet, endearing, enchanting pleasure to read.

128 pages / Reviewed by Natalie McChrystal Plimmer, librarian

Suggested Reading Age 7+


Lola and Larch Fix A Fairy Forest is absolutely magical! My daughter and I both loved it. The story follows Lola, a young girl, who rescues a rabbit during a storm. But this is no ordinary rabbit, it is a fairy in disguise, called Larch. Larch is feisty and rebellious, a refreshingly different persona compared to most fairy characters, and she has a special kind of magic that an evil fairy wants.

Euphorbia Spurge casts spells on woodland creatures and Lola's family, causing outrage and upset across the fairy forest. Larch and Lola work together with King Ash (one of our favourite characters) to save the fairy kingdom.

There is so much to love about this book. The names of the characters are all linked to plant species, some of which are obvious and some we had not heard of and which we had to look up e.g. Euphorbia Spurge. The illustrations are wonderfully detailed, with each fairy having unique clothing linked to their plant counterpart. Although in black and white, the illustrations felt gloriously bright because of the descriptive language used throughout the story.

There are many laugh-out-loud points in the book including when Larch's magic goes wonky, and there are lots of heart-warming moments as we see the friendship and love develop between fairy and human. My 7-year-old daughter and I took it in turns to read each page to one another, and it challenged her just the right amount. She is quite a strong reader for her age, and I think this book is perfect for 7-10 year olds. It has a great feel of mystery while being gentle and humorous, and there is the perfect amount of illustrations vs text for this age range. Each chapter is a good length to sit down, snuggle up and read before bedtime.

My daughter enjoyed this book so much she asked for the next one in the series for her birthday. It is due out in July and we can't wait to see what Lola and Larch get up to next!

128 pages / Reviewed by Jemma Jeffrey, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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