Little Gems - Lottie the Little Wonder

Little Gems - Lottie the Little Wonder

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Katherine Woodfine, illus Ella Okstad


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Barrington Stoke




Paperback / softback




Lottie Dod leads the way to sporting victory in this inspiring Little Gem from bestselling author Katherine Woodfine.

"Girls can't play tennis as well as boys? What a lot of NONSENSE!" Lottie Dod is DETERMINED to show that girls can be just as good as sports as boys. She runs and jumps and leaps after the ball - playing tennis makes Lottie feel WONDERFUL. After beating her brothers, she eventually goes on to reach the finals of the most important tennis competition of them all - WIMBLEDON! Can she continue her winning streak to become the world's first female sports SUPERSTAR? NEVER underestimate what girls can do!



Katherine Woodfine's Lottie the Little Wonder shares the inspiring story of the real Lottie Dod, who won the 1887 Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Championship when she was just 15, and went on to win it a further four times.

It is the wonderful story of a little girl who does not let what the world thinks limit her ambitions. Despite being told that "Everyone knows girls can't play tennis as well as boys", she works her way to winning Wimbledon. Ella Okstad's delightful illustrations beautifully build additional details of the characters and depict the period perfectly for the young chapter book readers.

This is a very relatable story with young readers who, like Lottie, don't feel small and know they're "just as important as anyone else". This is part of the Little Gems series which has been especially designed for the young reader, with a careful balance of illustration and text with a reduced amount of words on a page.

Lottie the Little Wonder would be perfect to help inspire a passion for reading. I would use this story as an individual reading book or as a class book to be read within a topic about inspirational people.

112 pages / Reviewed by Amanda Shipton, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 5+


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