Max Magic: The Incredible Holiday Hideout (Max Magic 3)

Max Magic: The Incredible Holiday Hideout (Max Magic 3)

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Stephen Mulhern, Tom Easton, illus Begona Fernandez Corbalan



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Piccadilly Press




Paperback / softback




The spectacular new book in the Max Magic series, from superstar TV presenter and magician, Stephen Mulhern.

The show must go on!   Max Mullers is ready to take his magic skills to the next level. Then the news hits that the no-good Crayfish Twins have broken out of jail and are ready to get their revenge on Max and his friends. Luckily, Max and the gang are heading to the incredible Bupkins holiday resort for a week of seaside fun - it's the perfect place to lie low.

But staying out of the spotlight doesn't come naturally to Max, and he's soon grabbing attention at Popkins with his magic and mischief - and not in a good way! Max and his friends have managed to escape some sticky situations in the past, but will they be able to stay one step ahead of trouble this time?

Engaging black-and-white illustrations throughout and a dyslexic-friendly layout make this perfect for every child.  Don't miss Max's latest magic-filled adventure - from Stephen Mulhern and Tom Easton, with illustrations by Begona Fernandez Corbalan.

Praise for MAX MAGIC

What kids are saying:   'The best book I've ever read.' - Marlow, aged 10;   'I loved Max Magic so much that now I want to be a magician!' - Leo, aged 8;   'I really loved Max Magic. I can't wait to read the next book!' - Lana, aged 7;   What grown-ups are saying . . . 'An entertaining adventure about family, friendship and, of course, magic.' - First News;  'A great story to share with children to help inspire them to follow their dreams' - Teach Primary;   'Bursting with energy and fun, Max Magic is an ideal summer term easy read.' - Schools Reading List.



Max continues his madcap magical adventures in Stephen Mulhern's third book in the Max Magic series, Max Magic: The Incredible Holiday Hideout. In this adventure, readers will return to the crazy world of Max as he learns to juggle his learnt magic skills with the special magic that he has recently discovered in the old chest in his gran's shop. And when the Crayfish twins are back on the loose, Max, his talking dog Lucky, and his friends Stretch, Daisy and Sophie must work together to outwit the villains and to save his gran. But can they do it again?

Stephen Mulhern, with Tom Easton, has created another hilariously funny story whilst also touching on the importance of friendship and family, that will keep younger readers wanting to turn the pages to find out what will happen next. The illustrations throughout the book by Begona Fernandez Corbalan summarise key important points of the story beautifully.

In the classroom, there are many possible areas of discussion, including for example, discussing magic tricks and if any child can perform one and how hard they are to get right, as well as talking about special powers and the powers the children would like to have, and the downsides of that power.  There is also room for discussion around illusions: In the book, Max can create illusions by appearing as someone else; who would the children turn themselves into and what would it be like spending a day as that person?  The siblings in Max's story could also be used to encourage children to talk about their own siblings, cousins or friends and the impact they have on our lives;  and there is also much to be explored around resilience and disappointment, when Max comes second in the talent contest and has to overcome his disappointment; what do we learn through failure? 

288 pages / Reviewed by Donna Burkert, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 7+


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