Measuring Me

Measuring Me

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Nicola Kent


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From finding out how tall you are in food tins to how much electricity your body can generate, Measuring Me includes plenty of relatable and exciting ways to explore the concepts of measuring.  Bright and lively artwork by Nicola Kent presents the topic of measuring in an exciting and personal way, encouraging little learners to engage in this important concept. Includes a pull-out height chart!   

Discover more about the human body in this book that is all about YOU!



Measuring Me is a fantastic book to share with children who are fascinated by numbers! The book uses beautifully draw illustrations to illustrate just how unique and wonderful we all are. It was lovely to see the range of children drawn and illustrated. 

The book links well to learning about the human body for science and measuring with non-standard units of measure for maths. Some illustrations have many objects carefully drawn on each page, which leads to lovely developmental language and vocabulary use.

In the Early Years setting there is much scope for learning about measuring for little learners - using tin cans as a unit of measure. For example - how tall (measured in tin cans) is the chair? The dog? Granny?  The use of tin cans as the unit of measure is a clever touch as everyone has these to hand. 

Throughout the book there are interesting facts about the various parts of the body, too. The book talk ranged from 'why can we see so far' to 'how small is a flea?' when I shared this with my class. Also the children loved the big numbers, for example 'my nose can detect over 50,000 different scents!' For older children the book could lead into scientific discussions on how the human body uses and produces energy.

Finally the book comes with a delightful height chart in the back, one side of which is coloured, the other can be decorated and coloured in. It is already up on our wall!

Picture book / Reviewed by Lindy Voisey, teacher

Suggested Reading Age 3+


Measuring Me is a really fun book! It has lots of interesting facts about the human body so it is a great way to learn new things in a fun and exciting way and its really interactive too. It is bright and colourful with really lovely pictures. At the end of the book it even has a pull out chart so you can measure how tall your child is in the same way they do in the book, and again has lots of interesting facts to learn in there too.

I think this book would be perfect for preschool aged children 3+ as they would be able to really interact and join in.

Picture book / Reviewed by Abbi

Suggested Reading Age 3+


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